Let’s Play a Game – Short Sex Story

My name is Matthew. I’m a 6’4” fit white guy weighing 190lbs. I’m a total golden retriever type guy who is into playing bass guitar and currently attending a healthcare graduate college program here in LA. I’m clever, funny, cute and disarmingly charming.

Limits would be blood, extreme pain and bathroom stuff. I want to discover the most fucked up thing that turns both of us on, and lean into it harrrrrd. I’m open-minded and want to try out a little bit of everything, so if there’s something new you want to experiment with just let me know!

Now, on to company.

You want to sleep with a lot of men. Both simultaneously and separately. Ideally these men should be strangers. Even better if it’s in public and they fondle you too. You like what opening your legs for all these men says about you. It says you’re a slut. That you’re dirty. That there’s something wrong with you. And I really like that. It arouses you when you feel slutty. You don’t want to be *completely* dehumanized. But you’d like to be teased for these desires, made fun of. That turns you on too.

You need someone to tease you for how fucked up and filthy you are for the the sexual things you want. There are other fantasies you have that are more specific and darker. You can tell me about those too if I want to hear it. Maybe I’ll tease you for that too.

The game I have designed for us to play today is a simple one. I will show you a picture of a guy and you will answer 100% honestly about if you would FUCK or NOT FUCK him. So begin slowly rubbing yourself over your panties right now and message me. Let’s see how much of a slut you really are. Honest answers and willing game players only, please and thank you.

NSFW: yes

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