Let’s Go Yankees

A few weeks ago we were invited to a Yankees game by friends who were a couple. Jake and Polína loved baseball and bought season tickets for 4, which they visit every week. This week they asked Alex and me to join them. We both agreed even though baseball is never our thing. So the date was set and we agreed to meet at the stadium. My boy toy and I planned on commuting together so we can have fun, lucky for Jake and polina because what I did would have happened regardless of anyone else being in the car.
So the trip took roughly an hour and the first 20 min we were dancing and jamming out together . Laughing and singing having a grand old time. The flirting was heavy and the light petting was getting to us both. He looked so Damn good in a dark blue t-shirt with a yankee jersey button up over it. Beige shorts and white shoes he was making me so hot! I had a pink crop top showing off my big boobs and black leggings with white and pink kicks to match. I place my hand on his thigh and he looked over with a stupid grin. I slid my hand over his big cock and began rubbing it. Alex quickly slid his shorts down and took them off completely next he slid his boxers down and only took one foot out. His cock was half stiff as he looked at me with another stupid grin. I leaned forward, ass in the air knees on my seat, and hands and head over his semi hard cock.
I teased it slowly picking up the pace. He moaned loudly as he jerked his hips and slowly began rubbing my back. His big hands found it’s way onto my butt and slowly began pulling them down, I wiggled my tush to help. While I had his cock pressed up against my cheek, Alex had his hand hovering over my pussy using one finger. Godddd he was making it so hard to concentrate. I was hard at work making this boy’s day when I began noticing him speeding up and slowing down. What is he doing ? That’s when I popped up to look and another driver was staring in our window. I thought OMG was he watching ?That’s so hot and Alex liked it. That’s when I looked at him, gave him a big sloppy kiss and immediately went back down. The next couple of minutes he would tell me how people were watching me give his dick the works all while driving to the game. Alex moaned my name out loud with pleasure. then Alex said “there’s a semi truck up ahead.” He raced over to pull ahead and then slowed down so the driver could look right into our car. My ass was out on full display and Alex began finger fucking me and spreading my cheeks for a complete stranger I felt so used and I loved it ! 20 seconds into the show the truck driver honks his horn loudly and cheers Alex on! omg what is going on I wondered. Alex laughed and then sped off taking the next exits. We were arriving into our parking garage and I wanted this boy cum. He found a spot parked in the car and I had his cock deep down my throat. He fucked my mouth saying how much he loved degrading me and showing me off. And I just looked up with my eyes and smiled with his coke going in and out. Alex drilled me till his warm cum hit the back of my throat he pulled back and the little that was still coming out was left spilled onto the car and my top. He was breathing heavily. And all I could say was let’s go Yankees!

NSFW: yes

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