Let a virgin (19M) lose it my(35M) wife(31F) in CNC style (our first)

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We were on a trip. We reached late at the destination because train delayed. We dropped our luggage at hotel took a bath and immediately went looking for a car rental. We found one shop and there were just two guys working. One was owner himself and other was a 19 year old guy.

We got to talking about cars and wife was tired so she sat in the office while we walked in the parking while I tried to check some cars to which was good. I was also talking to him casually. So I asked if he was on night shift. He said no he was just working overtime. I joked he would not be able to go home this late once he gets married.

I was bit turned on from the shower with wife and feeling bit wild. I asked him followup if he had a girlfriend. He said he doesn’t and I again followed up with then he must be virgin. He got bit surprised by question but no doubt he was seeing how shocked he was and everything.

So I asked if he would ever do CNC. I convinced him it wont put him in trouble. He started to get excited so I also tried negotiating. I said Ill help him ride my wife if he gives best car they have. He took me to one that seemed properly serviced and said this one.

We booked the car and I said we want to take a test drive and the boy should come with us in case we see some problem with the car. I winked at him and he sat in passenger seat wife in backseat. I drove around. I then asked him where is a very dark spot and he said drive so and so place and It was very isolated road.

I parked at a darkest spot I could discover and looked back at wife and signalled her with nod of what was about to come. He got down and got on the back seat and so did I. I held her hands and now the guy lunged at her without waisting any time. He was grabbing her boobs. I told him atleast kiss her first. He then forced a kiss on her all while she pretended to dodge it. he never let go of her boobs. He then slid his hand in her blouse and started feeling and pressing. He opened her blouse pulled her bra down. Exposing her tits though it was too dark to see them clearly. He started sucking and pressing like crazy.

He was trying to slid his hand in her saree from her stomach. He sort of managed to but i know he would have hardly been able to reach her clit. He was biting her boobs and she was struggling to free herself while moaning as silently as feasible.

I pulled her on my lap and he took her legs up. He pulled her one leg up and dropped the saree to halfway above her knees. He then put his hand in her saree and started touching her. He finally pulled her panty off and spread her leg to push his face into her crotch. But this was bit difficult in car because of space so he went back to tocuhing her pussy and mostly fingering. I could hardly see what he was doing in darkness.

He pulled his pants down and got on top of her. Slid his hand between them to direct his penis in her. Her moan was no longer a quiet one and I had to hold her mouth to keep it down. Yes he went in raw because he was a virgin and she was on birth control. He was trying to find out the motion and took him little time to get adjusted as the setup was weird for beginner. He came inside of her with uggh sound and finished. Or so I wondered as I let her sit up. He went back to touching her boobs and her coochie.

I sat there relaxing as she had sort of given in and watched him try and force her on his d. She finally gave in and took it in mouth. I watched her head bobble on his crotch and him turning his eyes around. I expected him to cum from this but once he was hard, which was like few seconds. He stopped her and pushed her back on seat. Got on top of her again and finished once more. I had already moved to drivers seat and started driving now leaving my wife behind for him to continue molesting. He kept doing it till we dropped him back and then drove back to our hotel.

NSFW: yes