Lesbian Sex for the Preacher’s Wife [British] [F28 F 40] [Lesbian Sex] [Smiles]

Emily stared at Sarah and wondered how sexy she was, her story was erotic and her world seemed fabulous and free. She waited for more
“this is about you remember?”
Sarah said to encourage
“Oh, yeah, well, that’s kind of it, I’ve looked at other women and I have fantasies”
“and who is in your fantasies?”Sarah asked wanting Emily to go further. Emily looked at her wine, The steeple bells went up a level, a new set of changes, the comforting familiar cadence changed to something more interesting, more urgent
“well, the shop girl, Megan, there was a woman in church once, Kendra, a friend, she was kneeling for communion and I saw down her top and she didn’t have a bra on and I couldn’t stop thinking about her”
She paused for long moment and the bells filled the silence, calling the faithful. Then Emily looked up at Sarah and quietly said
“you, lately, since the woods”
Sarah slowly coiled out of her chair and stood up. She moved around the table until she was close to Emily who looked up at her. Then she bent over, put a gentle hand under Emily’s chin and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed her for seconds and when she stopped she kept her face close.
Emily said
“Oh my”
A smile graced Sarah’s lips, she kissed her again, longer, slower and deep inside Emily something awoke. Sarah kissed her a third time and in unison their mouths opened, their tongues met. Soft, warm, delicious. Sarah gently broke from the kiss and whispered
“stand up”
Emily was in a trance and she slowly stood. Sarah put her arms around the Vicar’s wife and kissed her fully, deeply, Emily’s arms naturally curled around Sarah’s body and while she was shocked at what was happening, it felt so natural and desire coursed through her like an avalanche.
Sarah slid a hand into Emily’s cardigan. As she brushed her fingers over her breast she felt the hard nipple through Emily’s T-shirt. No bra. Emily was breathing hard, excited, urgent little sounds were coming from her throat. Sarah gently pinched the nipple and Emily hummed her pleasure. Gently, Sarah guided Emily backward until she reached the tall fridge, her back against it. Emily felt wonderfully trapped.
Sarah smoothed her hands over Emily’s shoulders, down along her arms, all the while exploring her hot, wet mouth. Emily began to flush and desire was in her every fibre. She hungrily kissed Sarah, her hands explored and found her breasts, soft, firm, yielding under her palm.
Sarah’s hands were at the hem of Emily’s cardigan, she pulled it up and the young woman raised her arms to let it be removed. Sarah tossed it onto the table and immediately lifted Emily’s T-shirt to reveal her pert and lovely breasts. Sarah was very gently dominant, making love to Emily in stages. Be patient she told herself, go slow. She bent to kiss the lovely tits, held them, fondled and loved them. She licked a nipple. Emily was dizzy, floating, she felt like she was made of light. Sweat was beading at her neck. She could feel the moisture in her pussy and it longed for attention.
In the bell tower David conducted and the bell ringers pulled harder on the ropes as the new changes rang in, dissonant, alarming
Sarah gave love to each breast, each nipple, all the time returning to Emily’s mouth renewing and restarting their love making and Emily responded with deeper sighs and moans. Sarah’s hands slid over Emily’s hips, she pulled the woman toward her as they kissed and their vulvas rubbed together. Sarah ventured under Emily’s skirt and felt her knickers. She rubbed harder and pressed Emily’s arms against the fridge. When she was sure of her surrender she took her mouth from Emily’s and kissing her nipples on the way down, she knelt. Two hands were inside Emily’s skirt and her knickers were being removed. She lifted a foot to let it happen.
Sarah gently pushed on the inside of Emily’s knee to encourage her to open her legs and she complied. Then Sarah changed her.
Sarah altered Emily forever. Sarah took Emily over a threshold into a new reality. As her tongue made first contact with the neatly trimmed cunt Emily let out a long high pitched sound. Taboo joy swept through her. David was in rapture waving both arms in rhythm, urging the ringers on. Sarah devoured the Vicar’s wife. Her hands were on her buttocks as she plunged her tongue between her pussy lips. Emily lay back against the fridge, her hips pushed forward to offer herself to her new lover. She was lost in passion a slave to lust, nothing in her life had ever been so overwhelming. The bells reached a crashing, glorious Zenith as Sarah worked her magic and when Emily climaxed a wave of deep happiness swept through her. A new world. The pleasure of the orgasm, the shock of the new, the weakness in her knees. The pleasure radiated from her vulva outward and she quivered. Sarah was gently licking and lapping at Emily’s cunt when Emily smoothed her hands on her skirt and brought her knees together. It was too much. The bells fell silent.

Sarah slowly stood up and took Emily’s staring face in both hands. They looked into each other’s eyes and Sarah gently kissed her
“you OK”
she asked. Still panting Emily replied
“yes… yes… I’m fantastic. You’re fantastic”
Sarah reached down and found Emily’s hand, she took it and said
“come with me”
she led Emily back into the sitting room at the front of the cottage and the two women laid on the big couch. They kissed gently, stroked each other. They stared into each other’s eyes.
“can I — can I touch you?”
Emily asked almost apologetically
“Of course you can”
Sarah said and she guided Emily’s hand into the waistband of her lounge pants, into her lacy knickers. She kept a gentle hold of her hand and guided her further, into her wet sex. Emily gasped. Dreams coming true, lines being crossed, worlds collapsing and being rebuilt.
She felt Sarah’s cunt. Stroked it. Staring into Sarah’s eyes and searching there for approval she curled a finger and pressed in against the entrance. Then she was inside another woman. She gasped. More taboos being brushed apart. Her thumb found Sarah’s clitoris and Sarah was relaxing into being penetrated, looking forward to the orgasm that Emily’s fingers might promise. She closed her eyes, let her head nuzzle into Emily and she drank in her aroma. It was as if they were wrapped in a purple mist of sexual perfection.
An alarm rang.
Emily’s phone from the kitchen. Emily took her hand from Sarah’s pussy. She wriggled in panic and the love spell was broken. Sarah released her and the young woman sprang up and strode to the kitchen. Sarah got up and stood in the kitchen doorway while Emily cancelled the alarm. She was breathing hard, her pussy tingling, pleasure chemicals coursing through her. She looked up
“I have to go. David conducts the ringers on Wednesday night and he’ll be home”
Sarah stood in her lounge pants as Emily hurriedly grabbed her cardigan and made for the door. She opened it and stepped into the balmy Spring evening then she turned and time stood still. Emily had crossed a line, she’d stumbled upon someone who would reshape her reality. This moment was crucial.
The two women stared at each other. Silent, motionless. Sarah smiled with understanding and Emily smiled a very naughty smile back at her. Then she slipped into the night leaving the door open behind her. Sarah stood and watched the Vicar’s wife who she had held only moments before pull a cardigan over her head, thrust her hands into the pockets and vanish into the dark.

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