Last Resort [Incest] [M/s] [Dubcon]

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Here’s a commissioned shtoreh involving a nudist resort. Ooooo. Hopefully, you enjoy. If you do and want a commission of your own, info on the subject is on my user account. I’ve got no limits. Try me.


“Ok, listen,” mom says, stopping in front of our room, “Just because I made a bit of an oopsie doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun right?”

“Mom-” I say before being interrupted,

“I mean, sure, I should’ve paid more attention to everything before making such an impulsive and financially commanding decision, but I just wanted to do something special for us.”

“Mom, it’s fi-”

“I mean, we’ve been working so hard and with everything with your father and the house and your friends and the stresses of everything, I just wanted to make sure that we could just have a relaxing two weeks. I’m sorry. I’m so so-”


I hold her in place by her arms, not wanting to see her cry from being so hysterical.

“It’s ok,” I continue, “It was just a bit of an accident. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re human at the end of the day. So what if we’re in a nudist resort? It’s still a resort. We just gotta not be in each other’s space that much. It shouldn’t stop us from having fun. The weather’s nice, the activities are fun, there’s promise of attractive guys for you and some scrumptious ladies for me, we can still have a good time. No need to beat yourself up, ok?”

She takes a breath before saying,

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right. Just as long as we don’t bring the outside norm inside.”

“Right there with ya. Once that door closes, we retreat to our rooms and clothes are on. Simple as that.”

“Exactly. Also, I’ll thank you to refrain from insinuating such perverted topics.”

“Mom, we’re both adults. I’m a big boy. I know about the sex and the breasticles and the boy and the girl fun time alone times. No need to shield me from them anymore. Just as long as we keep those escapades to ourselves, there’s no need to run away from the facts.”

“I guess you’re right about that, too, But I’m still your mother so at least keep it at a minimum.”

“No promises.”

She playfully rolls her eyes before unlocking the door and giving access to our…shared…one bedroom…oh…I take a look at mom’s face and the look of shame returns as she brings her hands to her face. Again, wanting to cheer her up, I say,

“Umm…Ok…Not that bad. As long as we just communicate properly, we should be good. We just warn each other when we’re about to go out. Sound good?”

No response. Alright, guess words aren’t going to be enough to convince her now. Hopefully, the fun she’s going to have will do all the convincing she needs. Please let that be the case.

After settling in, I decide to get the ball rolling and step out so that she’ll have fun on her own. Not only that, but I saw quite a few girls that I wanna shoot my shot with. So I head over to mom, who’s sitting on the edge of the bed, looking dead inside, before saying,

“Alright, I’m gonna head to the pool area. Please just promise me you’ll have fun, too. Like you said, we kinda need this. We need to relax. Plus, if you don’t that could just be a huge waste of money. And this place is too nice for that to be the case. So just get out there. Meet some guys…or girls if that’s what you wanna do. Mingle. I won’t judge.”

She gives me a look of confusion and disgust from my proposal, but I give her a look telling her that I’m serious about her having fun because I care about her well being. She then concedes to my subliminal message, saying,

“Ok, you win. I’ll go after you’re out of sight. I wouldn’t want the image of your mother naked edged in your mind while you’re trying to have your fun.”

“Thank you…I guess.”

Yeah, you didn’t really do me any favors by saying that, mommy. But she said she would have fun and that’s all I care about right now. So I give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek before walking to the front of the room and stripping all the way down to my birthday suit and placing my clothes in the nearby closet. Once I’m done with that, I turn my attention to the door.

But before I bring a hand to the doorknob, I discover myself struggling. I’m about to intentionally walk around in front of a bunch of strangers with my dick hanging out. Something I haven’t done since I was 3. But this time, I won’t get my ass beat for it. But it’s still so weird. I’ve at all times been programmed to have my naughtiest bits covered. And now, as per the policy of where I’m residing, I’m just supposed to act as if that idea was never conceived. It’s definitely going to need some getting used to, but I’ve got the time.

The day eventually ends and I head back to the room in defeat. I completely struck out. I’m so unlucky, it’s not even funny. Every girl I came into contact with either had an overprotective father, brother, or boyfriend. And when they were on the more mature scale, they were entirely reluctant because they wondered I was too young for them. Fuck my life.

But it’s fine. I’ve got an entire 2 weeks in this resort. And it’s just the first day. If we were to just let the first of anything determine how the rest goes, we’d be dead as a species. I’m sure to get lucky at least once. This is a resort at the end of the day. People come and go every day. Someone’s bound to come around and look for some carefree fun.

I open the room door and step inside of the room. Before it even closes, I spot mom lying in bed, sleeping blissfully. I know that look. Someone’s been having fun this entire day. At least one of us did. I guess that’s good enough for me. She’s seemed so stressed lately. I’m so glad that she found someone to take that away.

It doesn’t even surprise me that she’s done it so soon, either. She’s a complete knockout. Her curly blonde hair, her adorable face, and her perky c cup chest and curvy rear are just magnets for men everywhere like moths to a flame. But I do wish she had the frame of mind to properly…clean up. She’s clearly taken some effort, but I still see lines of semen on her cheek and chest. Thankfully, she’s turned away from my side of the bed. I don’t want any of her residue rubbing off on me. That would just be gross and messy.

I take care of my hygienics before getting dressed and heading to bed. As I settle in on my side of the bed and try to drift off to sleep, it soon proves to be a bit of a challenge as mom starts making uncomfortable noises in her sleep. She starts giggling and lightly moaning as she enjoys her subconscious utopia. Ok, I’m happy for her, I really am, but she’s really making me consider purchasing a room for myself.

Eventually, I manage to doze off and get a decent amount of sleep. When I wake up, I notice that it’s a bit earlier than when I typically wake up. I look at the clock, absolutely stunned. It’s 8:34. AM. Huh. So this is what it’s like to be up at the same time as a productive human being.

I look over at mom, who’s still sleeping like a baby. She looks so peaceful. The more I observe her, the more I realize how she was the best thing that guy experienced in this place. I think I’m getting a bit…jealous. And that’s enough of that wondered. Time to get the day started.

I tend to my hygiene and take a look at the activities list to see what I can do at this hour. Ooo, looks like the hot springs are open. Awesome. Gives me the chance to look at these mountains. And that’s at all times a treat.

After stealthily making my way out of the room, being sure not to wake mom up, I head over to the hot springs. Once I’m there, I waste no time taking my seat and taking in the serenity of the setting before me. Nature really is the perfect picture. A true work of art. Kudos to whoever’s idea it was. What’s even better is the fact that I’m all alone. I guess it’s too early for people to wander about. The ultimate win.

But as I’m basking in the sight of the mountains and trees and the feeling of soothing hot water on my body, I hear someone step into the water and sit right next to me. I then hear mom’s voice saying,

“Nice, isn’t it?”

“Understatement of the century,” I reply, never taking my eyes off the scenery,

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Well, from the looks of the results last night, it would seem that I’m not the only one enjoying myself.”

Silence. I look over to her and she’s as red as a cherry. I chuckle before saying,

“There’s no reason to be embarrassed. You’re paying for all of this. If you wanna do the dance with no pants like it’s France with no romance, who am I to judge?”

“You’re just hellbent on embarrassing your mommy, aren’t you?” she says, placing her face in her hands, “You’re so mean.”

“It doesn’t have to be embarrassing. It’s human nature. Like I said yesterday, we’re both adults. We know what’s going on. So why run from it? Plus, remember where you are. The embarrassment feature shouldn’t even be working in your mind. We’re literally walking around naked. So relax.”

She takes a breath, calming herself down before nodding.

“You’re right…Yeah, you’re right,” she says, “It’s the nature of the resort. No shame. No embarrassment.”

“Exactly. So how was it?”

She blushes even more, but our conversation seems to be taking effect, causing her to relax a bit.

“He was…nice,” she says hesitantly,

“Oh, come on,” I encourage, “You were smiling pretty wide for the only description to be ‘nice’.”

“You’re still my son, thooough. Even if you weren’t, I’m not really someone who kisses and tells.”

“Well, why not start with me? Yeah, I’m your son, but so what? It’s common practice for people with a strong enough relationship to tell each other everything.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“See? So come on, spill.”

“Ok, ok. Well, at first, he was…tender, gentle, considerate of me, he was just amazing. Then we kept going and…he was so firm. He touched me just right. He knew exactly which buttons to push. I can practically feel him now…He made me feel so…feel so-…”

Wow, she’s really getting into it. Her breathing is getting rapid and her hands are practically glued to her tits as she toys with herself. I should probably stop this, but her sounds of enjoyment as she relives the moment along with her cute little faces kinda put a halt to that plan. It’s probably wrong of me to have those as reasons, but the more I observe, the less I’m starting to care.

But eventually, our current setting settles in my mind. If someone were to walk in on this, it could probably raise a few unwanted questions. So not wanting that as a result, without thinking, I lean over to her and separate her hands from her chest, saying,

“Ok, let’s not get too carried away and make a mess in the springs, yeah?”

She looks at me with her emerald green eyes complimented by her glasses as the full weight of what’s going on settless in her mind.

“O-oh, I’m sorry,” she says, blushing wildly, “I guess I-…I got a bit…carried away…Lost control there a bit, huh?”

“It’s fine,” I reply, “Just be a bit more aware, you know?”

“D-duly noted.”

I poke her nose before settling back down in my spot. But just as soon as I do, she stands up, saying,

“Well, I’ve had my fill on the springs. I’m gonna go see what else is available at this hour. See you at dinner, hon.”

She then walks off, leaving me to my thoughts of what just happened. Damn. I was really just centimeters away from molesting my own mother.

The day goes on and I just completely avoid gonna our room. Both because I refuse to even look in that direction until I discover a girl and more importantly, I don’t wanna run the risk of mom being there and making things awkward. There’s no way she didn’t see my boner. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it was because of her story. And if that wasn’t creepy enough, it was so close to her center when I grabbed her hands. She definitely needs space.

So I traverse the resort, taking in the sight of both the beauty and the booty. Eventually, I finally spot a girl sitting on a bench who looks like she’s on her own. She’s a caramel skinned beauty with hazel brown eyes, shoulder length curly hair, and a nice pair of b cup tits. She almost looks like she’s dying on the inside right now, like she’s being held here against her will. She’s trying her best to cover up by folding her arms and squeezing her legs shut as tight as she can. Well, what better way to bring someone out of their comfort zone than a bit of business. I head over to her, saying in a joking tone,

“First time?”

“Is it that obvious?” she asks,

“Well, you’re covering up in a nudist resort, so…a bit.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to see what this was like. A cousin of mine made me promise to try it as soon as I turned 18, so here I am. It’s a bit…different than I expected.”

“It is overwhelming, huh? It’s always a fun thought until it’s actually executed.”

“Truer words have never been spoken.”

We distribute a light chuckle at the statement. It seems she’s opening up a bit. Now, if only she’d do so literally.

“So you plan on covering up forever?”

“No…I just…Need time to…get used to it. I probably should’ve mentally come to terms with it before, but…I don’t know. It’s weird.”

“Well, why not just start with one person at a time?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if dozens of people at once cause this much discomfort, why don’t you just practice with a single guy first?”


“Well, we could just go back to your place and you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about.”

“I-…I don’t know…I don’t even know you.”

“Exactly. I’m just like everyone else here. Just someone who you’re gonna be passing by every day until you leave. No creepy comments, no unwanted stares, no reason for shielding yourself. Think of it like adjusting to a pool.”

She takes a moment to give it some wondered. She then looks at me, saying,

“Um…Ok…Just-…just please don’t be weird.”

“You have my word,” I reply, “Just practice. Nothing more.”

“Thank you. Oh, and by the way, I’m Opal.”

“Chris. Nice to meet ya.”

She leads me to her room and before long, she gives permission to unload a few days of stress. And what makes it even better is she’s still a virgin. Of course, until I fixed that. She’s so tight. Her moans are heaven to the ears. This is why reserved girls are the best. Her cute little face as she rides me is euphoria that rivals no other.

“That’s it, ride my cock,” I encourage, basking in the feel of her soft chest, “Move your hips. Yeah, just like that. Fuck, you look so sexy.”

She blushes from my words, still enjoying herself as she rides me. I love this place so much. Mom really had the right idea to come here. I love her so much. She’s the best. Yeah. Mom’s the greatest. She’s so fucking great. Opal snaps me out of my thoughts, saying,

“Y-you can-…go harder…if you wa-”

I accept her proposal, earning a shocked “Eep!” as I switch our positions and pin her to the bed. I then begin thrusting in and out of her, garnering more moans of approval as she grips onto the sheets. Her moans are even more hypnotizing. I can’t wait to tell mom about her. Come to think of it…she kinda sounds like mom did in the springs. I loved her voice so much. In fact, it’s almost as if she’s here, making them in person.

Too enthralled with the numerous sensations I’m feeling, I close my eyes and wrap my arms around Opal’s body. I embrace her as I thrust harder and faster, reaching my limit with each movement. But the more I feel her, the more familiar she feels. I swear her skin is softer. Her smell is sweeter. It’s almost like I’m in bed with…

Before I finish that wondered, I feel the overwhelming sensation of my orgasm approaching. So I pull out of Opal and begin stroking myself, moaning as I shoot rope after rope of my essence on her perfect toned stomach. As I ride out my orgasm, I let out a sigh in sweet relief before opening my eyes. What I see next shocks me to my core for a split second. I could’ve sworn that…no. Just post nut clarity.

“Wow,” Opal says, catching her breath, “That was…amazing.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, mo-,” I say before immediately catching myself, “Oh- fu- I mean- Opal. Yeah, Opal. Sorry.”

“Oh…I heard of this kink. I didn’t think I’d fit the…‘mommy’ role. There’s no need to apologize. I…I like it…D-daddy.”

And like that, we’re back in company.

After hours of the much needed stress relief from the adorable former virgin, time comes for me to go. We exchange numbers before saying goodbye to one another as I step out of her room and step into mine. But as the door shuts, I’m immediately met with the sight of my dear sweet mother sitting on the edge of the bed fully nude. She’s looking dead at me with a deer in headlights expression.

Wow, I’ve never seen her naked before. She’s…wow, she’s so fucking sexy. I then take notice of the ropes of cum on her tits. A bit more than I saw on her last night. I can’t look away from her. But as I’m ogling the wonderful sight of my mom’s naked body, she suddenly shields it from me, blushing wildly with the look of overwhelming guilt on her face.

“I-I’m sorry,” she says, not able to look me in the eyes, “I just wanted to see what it’s like to be naked in the and since you weren’t here, I thought you’d be a while and I forgot about the rule. Please don’t be mad. I won’t forget about it again. I swe-”

“Mom,” I say, stopping her in her tracks, “It’s fine. Remember what we discussed in the springs? You bought it, you enjoy it however the hell you want. I’m not gonna ruin your fun. So you wanna share how your day was?”

Her look of utter fear gradually melts into a look of relief as she realizes my comfort to the situation. I sit beside her, saying,

“Cause I’ve finally got a story for you, too.”

“Oh, really?” she questions with a hint of intrigue.

I guess she’s already coming around to the wondered of discussing each other’s escapades.

“Yup, but ladies first. I can see you’ve had even more fun than last time.”

“Oh…uh…Sure. Well, this time wasn’t as intimate as the last, but he was still so much fun. Arguably more fun than last time.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well, he…Oh, wow, this is embarrassing.”

“Hey, remember our talk. Nothing’s embarrassing. This is a safe space. Share away.”

“Right. Right. Ok…He…I let him…finish…inside.”


“Yeah. I wasn’t too sure about it as first, but he felt so good. He was so deep. His moans were…right in my ear…He…haa~…It was so…so warm…I loved it so much…I wanted so much more…I just-…I just-…mmgn~”

She once again gets lost in her own thoughts as she relives her experience. This time, she’s getting way more into it. She grabs onto her right breast with one hand, while bringing the other to her lower half. She starts to lightly rub her center before sliding two of her fingers inside of herself, thrusting in and out of it.

Now, unlike earlier, there isn’t a chance that someone might walk in and see what’s going on. I can actually enjoy the show she’s unknowingly putting on for me. Lucky for me. It’s so fucking hot that she doesn’t realize what she’s doing. She’s so deep in her own thoughts. And her fingers are just coated in both the remaining cum from her previous partner and her previous partner. It’s just turning me on even more.

As moments of watching her slide her fingers in and out of herself pass by, I’m getting lewder and lewder thoughts as her intoxicating moans ring in my ears. If this is how she sounds now, what were those other guys hearing? What does she sound like when she’s getting fucked for real? What does she look like? What does she feel like?

Those thoughts circulate in my head. I don’t care how bad it sounds. I wanna know how she feels. I want her to moan for me. I want her to take my cock in her slutty pussy. I want to fuck my mom. I can’t take it anymore. I have to have her.

“O-oh, wow, I did it again, didn’t I?” she says, catching herself, “This place is changing me in ways I never thought possible. Anyways, you want me to make you something to eat or do you wanna deliver something?”

I don’t answer. I’m not even hungry. I couldn’t think about food even if I wanted to. All I can think about is filling my mother’s pussy with my cum.

“Hey,” she says, trying to grab my attention, “Are you o-”

She attempts to caress my face, but I grab her wrist, taking her off guard. I then guide her onto the bed. She gives me a shocked look, stammering over her words before I bring a finger to her lips, shushing her.

“Listen, listen,” I begin, “Just let me do this, alright? I need it. I can’t take it anymore.”

She tries to object, but I stop her in her tracks by bringing my free hand to her center, making her lightly gasp from my touch. Ah, it’s just what I wondered.

“See?” I continue, “You want this, too. Like you said, you want more of it. Well, let me give you more of what you want.”

I then descend her taut slim body as she whimpers in response to my actions. Soon enough, I end up staring at the very place that made me. My very first home. And now I get to feel it again. I hook my arms under her legs and latch onto her, licking and sucking on her lower lips. She can’t help but to moan from my mouth on her cunt.

“Ch-Chris, st-ah~…stop. This isn-ngh~…This isn’t right. I’m your m-agn~…I’m your mother.”

She can pretend all she wants. Those moans don’t lie. Her body doesn’t lie. She likes this. She’s not showing any resistance other than her words. And she tastes too fucking good to stop now. Plus, she’s not even pushing me off of her. But she’s grabbing onto the bed sheets. She’s moaning pretty clearly. And…is she…smiling? Yes she is.

“Chris…please,” she continues, bringing a hand to my hair, “Please…please…please don’t stop. Ah~It feels so good…No…No…Nooo-ooh fuck! This is wrong. This is so wrong. You can’t do this. We ca-ah~Oh, yes, right there. Right there! Right there!”

She changes her mind immediately after I discover her clit and focus on it. She returns her hands to the bed as her body lightly shakes. That coupled with her growing moans tell me that she’s about to cum. I hold her in place as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm before she arches her back and lets out a loud moan as she uncontrollably spasms, blessing my tongue with her cum.

That was so much fun. Way better than I wondered it’d be. But I’m not finished yet. No, there’s still one more thing I should do. And I waste no time, ascending her and meeting her face to face as she catches her breath. I look her deep into the windows of her soul as I position my cock to the entrance of her cunt.

“You know,” I begin, rubbing my willing cock at the entrance of her pussy, “I never did tell you about my day, did I? Well, there’s not much to tell except for the fact that it was probably the most fun I had. You know why?”

She gives me a look of foreboding as I place my free hand on her hip.

“Because the entire time, all I was thinking about was this look on your face.”

I then slide my cock inside of her, basking in the feeling of the pussy that brought me here. She moans as I push deeper inside of her. And once again, she looks conflicted with herself. Of course, she clearly wants this, but she’s trying to convince herself otherwise for some reason.

“Chris, listen to me, ok? You don’t know what you’re doing. Just pull out of mommy and we’ll pretend that none of this ever ha-ah~!”

I interrupt her proposal by thrusting my cock in and out of her surprisingly tight pussy. She feels fucking incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever wanna be with anyone else again. Her cunt is just perfect for me.

Without thinking, I lean down and plant a deep kiss on her lips. She resists at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to reciprocate. I speed up my thrusts, causing both of us to moan into the kiss. She then wraps her legs around my waist, slightly taking me off guard. Is she finally done trying to lie to herself? Is she actually coming to terms with the fact that she’s the only woman for me?

I soon feel myself reaching my limit. And for a split second, I briefly forget about the fact that she’s on the pill. The wondered of getting my own mother pregnant drives me over the edge and I spill my cum deep inside of her cunt, breaking the kiss to look in her eyes.

The look she’s giving is something I can’t really identify. There’s hints of blissful contentment, but also guilt-filled self-loathing. Pretty soon, my high comes down and everything just hits me like a planet. I just fucked my mom. I just came inside of my mom. I just broke my mom’s mind. What the hell is wrong with me? What the fuck did I just do?!

“H-hey,” she says, snapping me out of my thoughts, “There’s a…Chinese place that my guy told me about that sounded pretty good. You wanna…get a bite to eat?”

“…Y-yeah…sure…that sounds good.”


And now you have a craving for Chinese food. You’re welcome. Wanna repay me? Consider commissioning a story. I write any/everything. Treat yourself.

NSFW: yes