Last night with my wife. [F35/F35] [Tender]

Last night was a different vibe. Usually when I’m horny, I jump her the second she walks in the door. Or if she’s home first, I march into the house, kiss her and drag her to the shower. Last night was different. When she got home we did our typical routine; dinner, clean up, shower, snuggles. We were watching our show in bed and I’m stroking her side. I had purposely not played my hand yet, I wanted to surprise her with the intimacy. So as I’m stroking her I just slip my hand down her pajama pants.

She’s completely bald down there so I’m just petting her smoothness, letting her know how much I appreciate her grooming habits. She hugs tight and asks “whatcha doin?” In her cute little playful voice. I don’t answer, I just kiss her forehead. Slowly I begin to tease lower. Stroking her lips, rubbing her clit. I create her up just to the edge of orgasm and then I ease her down. Tasting my fingers between rounds. Teasing other parts of her body while she winds down. She’s whining and moaning and squirming. Every time I bring her to the edge she whines more. Her thighs grip my hand, but I pull it free, I want to drag this out. She complains and begs. This time I make her taste my fingers. She sucks on them in a way that just tells me she needs to cum. So I kiss her and ask if she wants to cum. She eagerly says yes.

I move down between her legs, pushing the covers off of us. I pull off my top because it’s getting hot and I push her legs back. Knees to chest and I bury my face into that hungry little pussy of hers. I can feel her getting close, so I slow down one last time. Then I move down lower. My tongue circles her rim. She moans loudly, she loves having her ass licked. My thumb strumming her clit. She came like a monster. I crawl up and begin kissing her.

Rolling around tearing off the last of our pajamas. We both want more. We’re grinding our pussies together but it’s inefficient. So she pins me down on my back and reaches to the night stand. I take the chance to grope her tits as they hang in my face. She comes back down with a strap on. She’s kneeling between my legs as she buckles in. It’s on the big side, a girthy 7.5 inches, a rich brown color, realistic texture and feel. She pushes my legs back and buries it in one thrust. Laying forward on me I wrap my arms and legs around her and she humps desperately. It’s hard to explain the workings, but in some positions the harness rubs against her clit so that it feels good for her. This is one of those positions. She’s hammering this big cock into me and it feels amazing. Her hair has cascaded around me and I’m in an alternate universe where it’s just her. Her breath, her scent, her voice in my ear whispering sweet nothings. I can feel her getting frantic, she’s about to make herself cum. Her body tenses, she squeezes me too hard. It feels like my ribs could crack but I don’t care. Right now, her pleasure is the only thing that matters to me. She rocks her hips, cradling me as she has an intense orgasm.

She goes limp and I stroke her back. I’m so in love with her and if she pulled out, rolled over and went to sleep I’d still be on cloud 9. Instead she rises up to her knees. Her hands grip my sides and she pulls my booty into her lap. This thick cock is so deep it’s poking my brain. My hips are elevated, shoulders still on the bed. Her thumb starts massaging my clit in circles and she pushes her hips forward. A moan escapes me. I know she’s about to fuck me into a brainless husk. Her eyes are glued to my every expression as she fucks me. Now I’m on cruise control, all I have to do is let her work, she’ll take care of me, she at all times does. She starts thrusting while thumbing my clit. I relax and let it happen. I can feel her thrusts making my tits bounce, I can hear her soft grunts, but mostly its her eyes. They still pierce me all these years later, I’m lost in them, I don’t even feel it coming. Soon waves of pleasure crash over me. She pushes me over the edge and I cry out for her as I orgasm. Before I know it, she’s pulled out and is down between my legs licking me. So quick, I haven’t come down from the last one before I feel another building. She doesn’t tease, she doesn’t fumble. She’s so possible, a few expert flicks of her tongue and I’m cumming again. This time she kisses and eases me down.

It’s hot in the room, we’re both panting, a slick sheen of sweat coats us both. She lays next to me. It feels like the first time all over again; as if we’re unsure of what we just did, we just know it felt good. There’s a giggly, shy energy between us. The moment is too intimate and too intense. It builds as we look at each other, this isn’t who we are. We’re best friends, we argue over which chips are better, play paper rock scissors to see who takes out the trash. We’re not these sexy, self-possessed women who fuck in multiple positions, and have mind blowing orgasms. We’re Jammy and SarBear. It’s all too much and we burst out laughing at the seriousness of the moment. We kiss and snuggle, its not as hot in the room as I wondered. As our body heat starts normalizing, we begin shivering from the cold. She turns off the tv, pulls up the covers and we interlace our fingers. We just lay there in the dark, face to fact holding hands. Soon sleep takes us, but in the morning she’s still there.

NSFW: yes

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