Last night, we [F] played round two in my parents’ bedroom with an old buddy [21F]

To do anything behind my parents’ back feels so liberating. For a few days now, they had been away on vacation, so I asked my buddy over. Four years have passed since we became friends, yet there has at all times been more between us. We began making out when we eventually caved in to our impulses.
We became heated as I led him back to my parents’ bedroom. I made the decision to give him a little taste of what he could have since I could see that he was starting to become pretty hot. I knelt down and grabbed his cock with my lips. He had such a delicious flavor, and I could feel him becoming tougher with each blow.
He stopped me as I tried to touch his balls. He said he wanted to be inside of me. By this time, I was so drenched that I was unable to refuse. He forced me onto the bed and entered me from within. Being able to finally contain him felt wonderful. Until he entered me, we had a terrible time with one other. Every day, my desire for his dick becomes stronger.
I’m willing to get back together with him. I’m certain that from now on, we’ll use every opportunity to accomplish this. What must we do going forward?

NSFW: yes

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