Last Night, MIL Amy

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NSFW: yes

I (36) writing this from home on the other side of the country from my step MIL Amy (49). We finished up our visit two nights ago but I haven’t been able to tell the news until now.

Our last day was filled with glances and smiles that let us both know what we wanted.

Everyone went to bed and I went out to the pool. Instead of my usual speedo I stripped naked and dove in.

I wish we had a bed, but our spouses were occupying those. Whatever was gonna happen would be outdoors.

After fifteen minutes of floating around with a hard on Amy came out.

“Wow, you’re ready to go,” she said.

“No time like the present,” I said.

She slid off her tank top and bra revealing those gorgeous breasts. Her shorts and panties were next. I caught a glimpse of her little bush in the moonlight as she entered the pool.

We met in water about waist deep and began kissing. There was an intensity, we knew this was our last night for a long time.

We swapped spot for a few before we worked our way out of the water. I grabbed her from behind as we stepped onto the deck. My left had reached around for her tit and my right slid down to her pussy.

Her body was still wet from the pool but her pussy was lubed from excitement.

There was no time for foreplay. She bent over and put her hands on the wood table on the patio.

I guided my cock from behind into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and slowly worked myself in.

I pushed my cock in and held her there. There will be a long time before I felt us connected again. We savored the moment. Then we started pumping.

Her titties bounced around as my hips smacked against her ass. We tried to be as quiet as we could but there is no helping some noises.

She dismounted and turned so she could sit up on the table. I came back between her legs and stuck my cock back in. She leaned back on the table propping herself up and I got to watch those tits jiggle as we fucked.

She lifted her legs for a better position and did her best not to howl as she came. I kept fucking until I saw her body come down from the climax.

I pulled out and finished on her stomach.

I stood there naked between my mother in laws legs. She sat on the table, her naked body pointed right back at mine. We were both panting to catch our breath.

We toweled off our mess and sat down together on a lounge chair. She sat with her back against the rest and her knees pulled up to her chest. I straddled the lounge facing her.

We sat naked and talked for another half hour.

The sex is great. Her body is stunning. But this ending may be what turns me on the most. Something about us sitting there, nude and unashamed, totally relaxed and unhindered. Amazing night!

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