Last night, I visited a strip club for the first time. [F19]

After a major argument with my parents a few days ago, I was able to spend the weekend with my older sister, who lives close by. She’s been amazing and doing everything she can to help me feel better about the way things are with my parents.

She dances on the weekends and works part-time as a stripper. Yesterday, she, I, and her roommate/best friend went out to shop and eat. They were supposed to leave for work at nine o’clock, and I was supposed to hang around at her house. You should come up to work for a short time tonight, she said at dinner.

I had never been to anything like that before, so I was both terrified and excited at the same time. She told me that no one would object since she would let me enter around the back, contrary to my first fears that they wouldn’t allow me in because I am young.

When I came, I called her, and she let me in, allowing me to enter the changing room. She had previously informed the female staff members that I was having a hard time and had just come out to her as bi, so have a good time for me!

It turned out that I had nothing to worry about! They were all incredibly kind to me! I was wet the entire time!

I ultimately received four lap dances! The first female had me under such intense pressure and could feel my tits. She gave me a very passionate kiss! My first kiss with a female was quite exciting! I was then told to “suck them sweetie” as she put her tits in my face. I didn’t want to stop!

The second girl made out with me the entire time and told me to rub while putting my finger on her pussy. I couldn’t believe I was truly turning a girl on like that in real life even though it was over her underwear and I could feel that she was wet.

The next ones involved two girls who made out with me and touched my pussy while I wasn’t wearing panties. I heard her say in my ear that she loves it when I become wet. I desperately wanted to cum, but there wasn’t enough time.

NSFW: yes

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