Last night (husband and wife)

Last night was my Mother-in-laws birthday so we all went to a nice restaurant – me, my wife, our daughter, my mom and Mother and Father-in-law. Nice place, special occasion so we’re all celebrating and drinking. My wife has 2 glasses of wine with dinner and gets capital D drunk haha – hadn’t seen her like that, and so quickly, in a while. After dinner we all come back to our house for cake and presents.

As everyone is leaving, my wife is still having a good time and flashes me her panties under her dress. So that lets me know she is in the mood and gets me in the mood too. I begin kissing on her and getting real close, basically grinding on her 😉 Everyone leaves and we keep kissing right downstairs just out of sight of the glass front door. We tell our daughter to go upstairs to begin getting ready for bed which gives my wife and I time to keep kissing and getting frisky. She shows me she has on matching bar and panties 🙂 Eventually I pull her panties all the way off and she takes her dress off at the same time. I begin kissing her neck and make my way down to her boobs – first over her bra and then I take the straps down so I can fold it down enough to expose her boobs bare. As I begin kissing on her boobs, she starts rubbing my cock through my shorts and eventually pulls my cock out.

By this time there’s no holding back. We scurry to the downstairs bedroom and begin going at it. She takes my shorts and boxers off and I finish taking her bra off. She leads me over to the bed and hops on top – a new favorite of hers 😉 Shes grinding away as I begin sucking on her tits. I have to reposition myself on the bed so I can get better leverage to begin pumping into her. She starts moaning and leaning back and we’re having a good time. But. Our daughter still needs to be put to bed so we know we cannot go for too long. I begin to tell her not to finish yet. But neither of us want to stop so we keep going. Eventually she rolls off and I go to leave but am drawn back in and begin fucking her missionary which gets us both real close. I keep telling her not to finish but keep moving in and out haha teasing both of us 😉 Finially I pulllll myself away, throw my shorts and shirt on and head upstairs to read to our daughter – still with a raging hard on covered in my wife’s juices. I finish reading and get our daughter to lie down.

As I walk into our bedroom, my wife is naked and getting some lube ready so we can keep going. Not only does she lube herself up, but to my surprise she has a vibrating butt plug she is lubing up too 😉 She puts the plug in and lays down on the bed. I get on top and can feel the vibrations as I slide my cock back into her open and ready pussy and it feels amazing!!! She’s enjoying it too 🙂 We don’t last too much longer like this, but when we both finish, it was definitely all worth it.

NSFW: yes

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