Kat gets what she came for, male attention. Part 7.

I lit a cigarette and enjoyed my drink. I could already hear Dee carrying on with Danny from the bedroom. Her signature yelps and moans meant Danny was fucking her silly.

I looked out the window behind the bar watching the waves come in on the lake. Kat was the next one I heard. I swiveled the bar stool and glanced over. Joe was hovering over Kat obviously giving her his hard cock from the sounds coming from her.

I grinned at seeing Joe’s firm, sexy ass slowly moving in and out, running that nice 8 inch bone in my sister. Each time he made an inward push is when Kat would let out a moan.

I can still remember how I reacted the first time my milf pussy was filled with that young, hard meat of Joe’s. An awakening that I still desire and look forward to.

I heard Joe say something to Kat. I wondered maybe they had finished. He was kissing and sucking from one pointed tit to the other, grinding up in her pussy. In between his hungry sucking, he was asking Kat if she wanted to change positions.

“Ok, what do you want to do? How do you want me?” Kat asked, as her hands rubbed up and down Joe’s back and squeezed his tight ass cheeks.

“You feel so fucking good. Don’t know if I want to stop.” Joe told her.

“I know, you feel wonderful too. Way beyond my imagination. I was hoping you weren’t done yet. Where do you want me now, on top?” Kat said, breathing heavy as the two mashed their pubic mounds together.

“On top would be great, but get on your knees for me first.” Joe told Kat as he slowly pulled out of her.

“OOO!” Kat murmured when Joe’s cock popped out of her pussy.

Joe raised up and let Kat get on her hands and knees. She spread her knees and feet aside, offering her sexy ass and plump pussy to the younger man.

Probably Joe’s favorite position, I think anyways, from my past experience with this horny kid. He loves the feel and sight of a woman’s bare ass against him. It never fails for him fucking me from behind multiple times while he’s here. I don’t mind one bit, and it appears that Kat doesn’t either.

Dee came swaggering out from the bedroom, a little cockeyed grin on her flushed face as she came over by me.

“Done already? I didn’t expect to see you in awhile.” I said to her.

“Well, he’s so horny he couldn’t help himself. He came already. But we both know he’ll be back in a flash. Go in there and get him interested again, Dotty. Poor girl! Out here all alone!” Dee said, giving me a playful pouty look.

Dee then looked over at the sunroom and the sounds coming from Joe and Kat out there fucking.

“Oh my! Looks like Kat is having a ball. Your sister has such a sensuous sexy body, Dot. Joe is loving this I see.” Dee remarks as she freshens our drinks.

“Kat is loving this more I think, especially the way you two kicked off this weekend. Taking my baby sister to bed, Dee. Such a little piggy you are. Kat will be hooked after this weekend I feel.” I said to my best friend as she slid my drink across the bar.

I took my drink and decided to go visit young Danny in the bedroom. I walked towards the bedroom feeling tingles all over my body from thinking about the young man and what I wanted to do with him.

Danny was lying in bed on his belly. I looked at his naked body and his firm ass. I set my drink on the night stand and Danny turned his head to see who was there.

“What are you doing in here all alone, honey. Thought I’d come and keep you company.” I said with a smile.

Danny rolled over to his back smiling back at me. I sat down curling a leg on the bed. I reached over and caressed his chest and tummy. My hand roamed over his thick, semi hard cock.

I wrapped my hand around his cock slowly stroking it and said, “How have you been this week. It seems like it’s been longer than a week since you and Joe were here last, doesn’t it.”

“Yes it does. Mmm!” Danny sighed as my soft hand felt his ever hardening young cock.

“ooo! Look at that, hon. Getting so big and hard. My hand feels good huh. Something else will feel better.” I sexily said, smiling at the young man.

I brought my other leg onto the bed and stretched out alongside Danny’s leg and hip. I looked at his flushed face as I brought my lips to the fat head of his now erect cock.

I stroked and sucked on Danny, listening to his pleasurable murmurs. I still couldn’t believe how naughty I am with these two young men. I get a throbbing rush from my lewd actions every time I get with them.

After a short time of sucking Danny’s cock, I raised up on my knees and began wiggling down my bikini bottom.
I was more than horny, my pussy throbbing and wet.

“I need to feel you in me, sweetie.” I purred as I sat back and pulled the bottom from my legs and feet.

I looked down at him as I moved over his legs and hips. I reached between my legs and rubbed his cock head on my wet slit. I eased down slightly until he slid in my pussy.

I moved my pussy on him until my ass cheeks were mashed on him. “Oh, you feel so good, baby.” I said as I leaned forward.

Danny gripped my large titties and sucked on them while I pumped my pussy on his hard cock

“I’m so horny, Danny. I’m gonna cum already.” I breathed out.

Danny’s hands left my tits and grabbed my ass cheeks. He started bucking up in me, hard and rapidly, pushing my orgasm over the top.

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