Kara is screwed…Part 9 [M/F, dom/sub, con] – Short Sex Story

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Previously on Part 8:

“You belong to me,” Sean begins “that means you obey and do not argue with me, with no exceptions. Can you do that?”

Kara looks into Sean’s eyes. He’s the most sincere she’s ever seen him. There’s also a vulnerability, like he’s worried she’ll say no. But Kara realizes she can’t do that. She’s in too deep.

“Yes I can. I’m yours.”

“Good,” Sean smirks “because I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Part 9:

It’s Friday night and Kara is pacing her bedroom. It’s been days since the storage closet and Sean still hasn’t told her what this surprise he has for her is. They had even run into each other a few times at college but Sean had practically ignored her. Now Kara knew better than to storm up to Sean and angrily demand answers as much as she wanted to. Kara was a bit annoyed at herself for that. Yes, she let Sean play the dominant role during sex, but it still rubbed her the wrong way when she realized he was taming her for lack of a better word. But he was, she was obedient and obsessed.

Kara had lain awake the last few nights wondering what Sean was doing and who he was doing it with. Inevitably, her hand would move down to her pussy and in desperation she’d try to mimic his techniques. But it was no good. She was such an obedient slut she couldn’t even make herself cum without him. Her attempts had just made her more horny and frustrated. So here she was pacing, sexually frustrated, and anxious.

Kara’s phone vibrates and she practically dives on it, wondering it’s Sean. She’d been doing this for the last few days as well for each and every notification. But Sean had been radio silent on that front as well.

Until now.

With widening eyes Kara reads Sean’s message:

Hello Ms Chalmers. You will meet me at the basketball game tonight. You will be wearing a low cut top, mini skirt, heels and no panties. Hope you’re ready for your surprise.

That was it. Kara gulped and re-read the message. He was summoning her, it wasn’t even a question – it was a command. Kara’s heart flutters in her chest, she doesn’t even pretend to consider her options, she begins to get dressed.


Kara parks in the stadium carpark and checks herself out in her rear-view mirror. She is dressed exactly as Sean has instructed with her cleavage clearly on view. Kara delicately extracts herself from the car, trying not to flash anyone in the nearby crowd mulling around the stadium. She’s acutely aware that she’s not wearing any panties when a cool breeze is felt on her pussy. Kara can already feel the anticipation building up within her. Even a few days without Sean’s touch has built her into a puddle of nerves and excitement.

Kara makes her way to the stadium, as she does she feels the eyes of every man boring into her back. Kara has never had the courage to show off her curves before. But in her current outfit the men and even some of the women are drinking her in hungrily. Kara continues past some of the basketball players from her college who perk up and whistle as she walks past. Kara hears some snippets of conversation as she walks past words like “great motivation”, “prize” and “MVP”. She can’t piece together any of the words to make sense of the situation but she feels herself beginning to blush deeply. Fortunately, she spots Sean leaning casually against a wall outside the stadium. Like a magnet, she changes direction, forgetting the other boys, and finds herself in front of him.

“Hello Ms Chalmers, ready for the game?” smiles Sean as he leads her inside the stadium.

They discover a relatively secluded spot on the upper bleachers and take their seats. Down, far below the two teams are just beginning their pre-game warm up. Kara couldn’t care less. She’s sitting with Sean, the possibilities are infinite.

Without saying a word, Sean firmly slides his hand up Kara’s bare leg, moving toward her core. Kara gasps. Yes, there is no one sitting immediately near them, but the stadium is slowly filling up. This was far too public! Sean doesn’t seem to care as his fingers discover Kara’s wet entrance, lightly brushing the walls. Kara begins to breath deeply. Fuck, she should really be telling him to stop, but damn it feels so good. Sean ups his intensity and it’s all Kara can do to not release a loud moan. As he does, another couple sit down next to them on Sean’s side. If they just look over they’ll see! Seemingly, determined to tempt fate, Sean starts teasing Kara’s clit. She grits her teeth and curls her toes in response. He is really gonna make her cum in public!

Sean leans over with a smug look on his face.

“Ms Chalmers,” Sean whispers innocently “if you want me to stop, just say so.”

Kara gulps, she is so close. But more and more people are entering the stadium and taking their seats. Out of the corner of eye she realizes the game is about to start but it was still fairly quiet on the court. Teachers, students – if they look up at her, they’ll all know she let Sean finger fuck her at the game, and she’ll never live it down! But holy fuuuuck, Sean builds up even more speed somehow, and suddenly she doesn’t care. The sweet pleasure in her pussy builds to unbearable levels. Kara feels electricity in her body as she involuntarily ruts her hips against Sean’s hand. She feels the wave create over her as Sean’s fingers pump in and out. With a bright blush on her cheeks Kara opens her mouth and…

She feels Sean’s lips cover hers, muffling out the moan. With lips locked Kara comes undone in his arms. To any onlookers it would just look like a deep kiss. The couple sitting on Sean’s side finally look across and finding nothing amiss, turn back to the game.

“I’ve got you Ms Chalmers.” Smiles Sean as he breaks off the kiss.

Kara is still in an orgasmic haze. She’d never done anything so wanton, so public before. But somehow the knowledge that they could be caught at any moment enhanced her senses further. She smiles and slumps against Sean, resting her head on his shoulder.

“That was a wonderful surprise Sean,” Kara says “definitely worth the wait.”

“What?” Sean looks confused “Oh no, that wasn’t the surprise Ms Chalmers, we’ll get to that later. But look, the game is starting.”

He strokes Kara’s hair as she looks down to see the jump ball taking place. Kara tried to recall what she knew about the match. The home team were representing her school, Walker U, currently second in the league. The visitors were their fierce rivals, Benson U, currently ranked first. Walker had never beaten Benson in their long history. To be honest, Kara didn’t really see what the fuss was, but she wondered it would be polite to make small talk.

“Do you think we have a chance against Benson this time?” She asked.

“I hope so, I’ve given the guys a great incentive to play their best.” Replied Sean nonchalantly.

Kara’s ears perked up.

“What incentive?” She asked confused “Like, money or…?”

“Oh no, nothing so mundane” replied Sean “the player who becomes our MVP, gets to fuck you after the game Ms Chalmers.”

Kara’s eyes widen. She must have misheard. Or maybe it was a joke. But as Kara’s eyes meet Sean’s she can see he’s not joking. She also remembers the snippets of conversation she heard in the carpark. Suddenly it all makes sense. Oh my God, Kara thinks. The whole team knows. Maybe the whole college knows. Kara wants dissolve into her seat and die from embarrassment.

“Wait-what, no you-“ Kara begins in a huff.

“Yeah I know, I was wondering if I should make it the leading point score gets to fuck you, but then I thought that would lead to ball hogging.”

“Y-you can’t just gift me to your pals like some-“ begins Kara angrily.

“Sure I can” Sean says frankly “you’re mine. Mine to fuck. Mine to gift. Unless it’s too much for you.”

Sean looks at Kara earnestly. Kara thought to herself as well: was it too much? Sean had demanded things of her before. Time and time again he had claimed her in the heat of sex. Each time he had made her state that she was his property. He had even collared her with the diamond necklace that hung around her neck. But this was a whole new level. This was him truly treating her like property, like a fucking library book! He was asking too much, she surely had to refuse him. She surely had to have some dignity left.

But as Kara opens her mouth to protest, she remembers. She remembers every single exquisite, mind-blowing orgasm Sean had ever given her. She remembers how before Sean her sex life had been dreary and boring. Knowing what she knew, having what she had, could she return to that? A wave of realization passes over Kara but she still can’t quite believe it when she hears herself say:

“It’s not too much. I’m in.”

Sean beams, takes her head in both his hands and kisses her deeply.

“I’m proud of you Ms Chalmers” Sean says warmly “not everyone could say yes to this.”

Despite her reservations, Kara smiles back at him, secretly pleased that she’s made him proud.

“Ok, so take my key” Suddenly Sean is all company again “The lucky winner and I will see you in my house in about 90 minutes.”

Kara is stunned. She wasn’t even allowed to know who would win her! The gall of Sean! She opens her mouth to protest but when she sees Sean smirk and tilt his head inquisitively the words die in her mouth. He is getting off on this she realized. He liked watching her squirm. Determined not to give that smug bastard the satisfaction, she snatches the key from Sean’s hand and makes her way down the bleachers and out of her stadium. Kara wonders whether it’s just her imagination or is the entire crowd staring at her and not the game.

Eventually Kara makes it back to her car. She takes a deep breath and she enters the driver’s seat. Is she really gonna do this? Is she really gonna fuck a random player because Sean said so? She takes a moment, considering. Then, before she can change her mind, she puts the key in the ignition and begins the drive to Sean’s house.

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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