Kara is screwed…FINAL Chapter (Part 10) [M/F, dom/sub, con] – Short Sex Story

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*Previously on Part 9:*

*Kara’s ears perked up.*

*“What incentive?” She asked confused “Like, money or…?”*

*“Oh no, nothing so mundane” replied Sean “the player who is our MVP, gets to fuck you Ms Chalmers.”*

*Kara’s eyes widen. She must have misheard. Or maybe it was a joke. But as Kara’s eyes meet Sean’s she can see he’s not joking. She also remembers the snippets of conversation she heard in the carpark. Suddenly it all makes sense. Oh my God, Kara thinks. The whole team knows. Maybe the whole college knows. Kara wants dissolve into her seat and die from embarrassment.*

*“Wait-what, no you-“ Kara begins in a huff.*

*“Yeah I know, I was wondering if I should make it the leading point score gets to fuck you, but then I thought that would lead to ball hogging.”*

*“Y-you can’t just gift me to your pals like some-“*

*“Sure I can” Sean says frankly “you’re mine. Mine to fuck. Mine to gift. Unless it’s too much for you.”*


Part 10:

Kara arrives at Sean’s house and lets herself in through the front door. The whole time her mind is racing. Sean had offered her up as a prize for the MVP of tonight’s basketball game against Benson U. Like a bloody Christmas ham! Except whoever won her, got to fuck her, tonight. Kara had consented to the arrangement but she was still incredibly nervous. She enters the kitchen and pours herself a large glass of wine. Anything to calm her nerves. As she sips the wine, she tries to remember who she knew from the basketball team. Kara didn’t follow sports closely, but knew there were about 15 guys in the team. In her mind their faces start to meld together. They were all practically strangers to her. Shit.

After finishing the glass, Kara timidly makes her way up to Sean’s bedroom. Inside, on the bed there is some lingerie laid out and a note. The lingerie is dark red and satin, Kara knows it will barely cover anything. She picks up the note:

**Ms Chalmers, we’ll be home at 8pm. Take a shower, make yourself ready. I look forward to your performance tonight.**

Kara’s eyes widen. *I look forward to your performance tonight*. With those words it dawned on Kara that Sean was gonna watch her get fucked by a stranger. Maybe he would even join in? That wondered brought a devious smile to Kara’s lips. She knew Sean loved putting her in uncomfortable positions, pushing her to her limits. He loved the control she willingly but begrudgingly gave up to him. She saw his pleasure when she submitted, when she let him claim her, when she consented against every instinct in her body. By all measures, he’d outdone himself tonight. But what if she were to deny him his pleasure for once? What if she were to wholly and enthusiastically give herself over to this new man as a prize? Would Sean get…*jealous*? Kara’s smile deepens with that wondered. She was gonna make Sean regret giving her to another man. Kara begins to get ready, excitement building within her.

It’s almost 8pm. Kara is in the red lingerie and stiletto heels. The heels weren’t strictly part of the dress code, but anything she could do to drive Sean wild was a must. She’s done her makeup simply with a dark red lipstick to go along with the lingerie. Kara nervously paces the bedroom. She wonders if when they come in, should she be lying on the bed? Or standing? Or kneeling? But before she has time to think it through further she hears two cars pull into Sean’s driveway. They’re here!

Kara hears voices and laughter as Sean and the mystery man make their way up the stairs to Sean’s room. Making a sudden decision, Kara decides to sit on the edge of the four poster bed and face the doorway.

“And here she is” Sean says as he opens to the door “your prize Tom.”

Tom enters the room. He is tall, with short wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Kara makes herself smile. To be honest, Tom was actually quite attractive. He was lean and well dressed.

Tom smiles hungrily as he sees Kara on the bed. He eagerly takes a step towards her but is stopped by Sean’s hand.

“Hang on buddy,” Sean cautions “Remember the ground rules we discussed. Condoms always. Nothing that leaves a bruise or a cut. If she says stop, you stop. Oh and I get to watch.”

“Yeah, yeah perv,” Tom replies with a laugh “but you also said, no time limit, so I can take all night if I choose.”

They were talking to each other Kara realized angrily, like her opinions on the situation didn’t matter. Maybe they didn’t – she belonged to Sean. Kara shakes the intruding wondered from her head. If she was gonna make Sean frustrated and jealous she had to begin now. Kara takes some decisive steps towards Tom and on tip toes kisses him deeply on the mouth. She moans into the kiss, opening her mouth, letting his tongue roughly invade into hers. Tom continues to kiss her while his large hands palm her breasts. Kara moans loudly, making direct eye contact with Sean as she does. Is that a frown on Sean’s face she sees?

Suddenly she feels herself being lifted up! Tom hikes Kara over his shoulder and unceremoniously dumps her onto the bed. Jeez Tom is strong! Kara lands on her back and feels Tom push her legs aside roughly. Tom is standing between her legs. She sees him spit on his hand and then lower it to play with her pussy. Where Sean’s initial touches were at all times smooth and delicate, Tom is all force. It doesn’t matter though, Kara is soaked. Tom palms her pussy as Kara moans louder and louder. He then removes his hand, unzips his pants exposing his large, erect penis.

“Yes, yes” Kara moans mostly for Sean’s advantage “Tom please, I need you inside of me. I’m yours.”

Kara resists the urge to look at Sean as Tom deftly opens a condom and dons it quickly. Without further ado, he enters her and pumps away furiously. Kara is honestly surprised he has so much energy after the game. Kara continues enthusiastically moaning and grunting. She then pulls Tom’s face to hers to sloppily kiss him again. He breaks the kiss off and starts sucking on her breasts. *Fuck*. It may be a different style to Sean, but Kara feels herself genuinely enjoying this sex. Part of the pleasure is compounded by knowing Sean is watching.

Kara feels her body move as Tom flips her over onto her front. He enters her again, the new angle allowing him to get even deeper. Kara is able to see Sean from the corner of her eye. He looks…*uncomfortable*. Maybe he didn’t realise what a stud Tom would turn out to be.

“Yes baby,” Kara moans, enjoying Sean’s discomfort “Tom, fuck, *fuuuuck*, keep going, please don’t stop.”

Kara’s eyes lock onto Sean’s and she gives him a devious grin as she continues to moan. Sean’s frown deepens. Oh boy, she might be in trouble later but it was worth it to see Sean squirm for once. Behind her she hears Tom grunt and then moan deeply as he cums. Panicking Kara realizes she hasn’t cum yet, teasing Sean only works if she has an amazing orgasm to rub in his face. Fortunately, Tom isn’t done. Kneeling down behind her, Tom enters her with his rough tongue. His large hands discover her breasts and firmly twist her nipples. Kara moans, it feels good, but in all honesty, Sean was better.

Kara continues to stare at Sean and exaggerates her enjoyment of Tom giving her head. To help, she pictures that it’s Sean fucking her, and suddenly the pleasure wave builds within. Kara arches her back and moans, the orgasm builds and releases quickly all while Kara and Sean are staring at each other. Tom grunts and stands up. Kara almost had forgotten Tom was in the room.

Tom pulls Kara to her feet and kisses her deeply, he then firmly smacks her on the ass.

“Get on your knees slut” Tom commands.

Out of the corner of her eye, Kara sees Sean shift in his seat. What was he thinking, Kara thought. Kara feigns an eagerness to follow the command gets on her knees. Without being prompted, she takes Tom’s now flaccid cock in her mouth and makes it hard again within moments. She hears him moan above. Kara briefly takes the cock out of her mouth, smiles up at Tom and says:

“You’re going to want to sit down for this one baby.”

Tom smiles and obliges, sitting on the edge of the bed. Kara takes him in her mouth and expertly takes the length of him. Tom doesn’t last long. After a few thrusts in her mouth, Tom cums and lays back on the bed. Suddenly inspired by a previous encounter with Sean, Kara climbs up the bed and sits on his face. Tom looks exhausted, but determined and horny. Kara realizes it’s her opportunity to be dominant for once.

“You are going to lick my pussy until I come” she commands. Tom assumes Kara is talking to him but she is actually making fierce eye contact with Sean. Almost in a trace, Sean stands up from his chair. He has a hard look on his face.

Without waiting for Tom to reply, Kara lowers herself onto Tom’s face. She is almost smothering him. His tongue begins to work Kara’s folds and tease her entrance. Kara ruts her hips hard down against Tom’s face. He splutters slightly, but Kara doesn’t care. Her eyes are locked onto Sean, who has walked over the bed like a starving man wanting a meal. His desire turns something primal on in Kara and she ups the intensity of her hip thrusts. Kara can feel an orgasm building, but it’s as if the pleasure is being derived solely from Sean. Tom could be a vibrator for all she cared.

Kara begins to sweat and pant. Sean climbs onto the bed and he starts playing with Kara’s breasts. She moans with pleasure. Sean kisses her open mouth deeply and messily, as his hand grabs the back of Kara’s neck forcing it upwards. Kara is entranced, the stimulation is turning her mind to mush. Suddenly Sean stands, unzips his jeans and enters Kara’s mouth. His hand on her neck pushing her roughly to take the length of him. He’s claiming me, Kara dimly realizes. Sean makes eye contact with Kara as he roughly face fucks her. Tears start to form in the corners of Kara’s eyes. With Tom’s tongue inside from below and Sean’s cock punishing her from above, Kara’s senses are pushed into overdrive and she orgasms harder than she ever has before. Every part of her is aflame. Her vision is clouding. She-

Kara wakes in Sean’s bed, dressed in pajamas. For a moment, confused, she wonders if it was all a dream. But no, it was too vivid, too real. Kara is trying to piece together what happened when Sean walks in.

“Good morning Ms Chalmers,” he smiles “you passed out and went to sleep after you came last night. It was quite adorable,”

Kara blushes as Sean continues “Tom was very pleased with you. You did so well. I must admit, I got a bit…territorial.”

Sean climbs in the bed and caresses Kara’s face.

“Who do you belong to Ms Chalmers?” Sean asks casually.

Without hesitation, Kara responds:

“To you Sir.”

The End.


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