K is for Kissing [M&F][late30s][making out][no sex][sweet][long term relationship][outside]

The setting sun filters through the leaves above us; bathing us in a mottled golden light. Resting my head on top of Kieran’s chest I can hear his heart beating against me. Slow, steady, settled. His big, strong arm is wrapped my waist, his hand resting on my bare thigh where my dress has risen up. I would pull it back down, but there’s no one else around. The meadow is quiet, except for the birds singing somewhere in the branches above us, the dull buzzing of bees pollinating the flowers near us – and of course, our deep, contented breathing. It is as if we were the only two people left on Earth. If we could just stay like this forever, I don’t think I would mind it.

Leaning down, I kiss his chest where the button of his shirt have come undone. His thick, dark hairs tickle my lips making me smile.

“Everything alright?” Lifting his head up slightly off the blanket, he looks down at me with one eye open.

“Yeah. I was just thinking about what a perfect day today has been.”

“I suppose it has.” He squeezes his arm tighter round my waist, pulling me in closer. Beneath the scent of wildflowers and uncut grass I can smell his cologne mingled with laundry detergent and sweat, and beneath that comforting scent of his natural masculine musk.

Rolling onto my side, I hover over him, my hair draping across his cheek. I use the moment to admire his face, taking in every detail – the outline of his jaw, the flecks of gold in his eyes, the way his dark hair clings to his forehead – before leaning down and kissing him on the lips. Only gently, just to show him he’s on mind. He kisses me back. Firmer, and with more hunger. Eagerly, I meet his intensity.

He reaches up with his free hand to stroke my hair, his fingers tangling in my untamed main. And just like that I’m nineteen again, sneaking off on my lunch break at the restaurant to meet up with Kieran, making out in the backseat of his battered old car – staying up late to make love under the stars, with nowhere to be the next day.

It was just supposed to be a fling. We were both young then: studying for school, making dumb decisions and experiencing life. What did we know about love, or marriage, or paying mortgages? When the sex stopped being fun we both knew without having to say it out loud that we would inevitably move on to something else. Something newer and more exciting. Granted, the sex has changed. It isn’t as dynamic, and we’re not ripping each other’s clothes off at every chance we get. We don’t fuck any more like we have something to prove.

It’s evolved. Matured. It’s flannel pyjamas and unshaved legs. It’s about not feeling as tired as you did the night before, passing out in front of the television. It isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, but it’s ours. I love Kieran just as much as I did twenty years ago, and I wouldn’t change all our quiet nights in and Ikea trips for all of the world.

His hand slides down from my waist and onto my thigh. His strong fingers dig into my flesh, while with his other hand he cups my face pulling me in closer.

“Kieran.” I murmur his name, my breath brushing against his soft lips. I slide my hand beneath his open shirt where I can feel his heart beating. Harder, and faster than before.

“I love you.” He murmurs back letting his hand move up along my thigh and under my flimsy summer dress. I’m too preoccupied, my tongue swirling inside his mouth, to reply. But he knows. If he doesn’t by now then he never will.

His fingers discover their way to leg of my white cotton panties. Gently he tugs at them. Not enough to pull them down, but enough to let me know that his hand is there, and that he could at any time. A small moan escapes my lips at the wondered. If he were let his hand wonder down between my legs he would feel how wet I am for him right now. My arousal soaking through my underwear.

But instead, he reaches round behind me. Grabbing a large handful butt cheek he pulls me in towards so that I have no choice but to hitch my leg up over him. I can I feel his bulge pressed up against the inside of my thigh as I rub my body against him. We haven’t made out like this in so long, and I had forgotten how thrilling and liberating it could be.

Kieran moves his hand away from my face, and down to my chest where he begins to fondle my breasts through my dress. I’ve not got a bra on underneath and as his clumsy fingers brush against my sensitive nipples I can feel them responding, hardening, to his touch.

Then, without warning, he suddenly flips me over so that I am lying flat on my back while he leans over me. My legs are spread aside and my pussy is soaking wet. He could easily slip inside of me right now, and I would be completely at his mercy.

As I look up into his eyes, I realise I can longer see the flecks of gold in them as his face is now obscured in long, dark shadows. Looking past him, I can see that it is suddenly a lot darker now; the sun barely in the sky. A cold breeze causes me to shiver. Kieran stops what he is doing to turn and look over his shoulder.

“Getting dark. Should we get going?” He turns to look back down at me and in the shadows I can see the smile on his face, and feel the warmth of his gaze. It sends butterflies fluttering in my stomach. “I can run you bath when we get in. Maybe order a pizza.”

“That sounds perfect.”

I let him pull me to my feet, and help pickup the remains of out picnic along with the blanket. Once we are finished Kieran swings the backpack over his shoulder, and with his other arm wraps it round my waist. As we pick our way together across the uneven ground, I silently vow to myself that I will make sure to thank him properly when we get back home.

NSFW: yes

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