Just Had Sex To THE Song (Cbat)

There’s a pretty big joke going on right now that originated on r/tifu but has quickly spread to TikTok and Twitter.

For those unaware heres the link to the original post,

Some guy apparently has been having sex with his girlfriend of two years to a terrible song and the internet is making fun of him for it.

I discover a lot of the memes coming out of this post to be hilarious, and it seems overnight my social media, and the social media of my friends has become entrenched in memes about this situation.

About 3 hours ago I invited over this girl I’ve been hooking up with for a while, with the condition that we fuck to this song.

She was… okay with the idea, she knew about the memes (and actually anticipated me asking her because she knows my sense of humor).

Anyway, she arrived at my dorm around 7:00 PM and I put the song on a loop.

It wasn’t that bad, I started off in an offshoot of missionary with her on her back and my torso perpendicular to the bed, resting on my shins. It was pretty solid but I had difficulty going the right pace because I’d naturally drift from my typical pace to something that mirrored the music. It also felt weird when I’d speed up, or hold her or kiss her.

Eventually she got on top and started riding me, not bouncing on my dick or anything, but kinda rocking her hips with me fully inside her. It was a lot of fun and I think it was easier for her to keep an acceptable pace/rhythm than it was for me.

Normally when she and I have sex there’s a lot of grabbing and kissing but this time we both just came from penetration, it was hard for either of us to be as passionate as we normally are.

I’d give it 6/10, I’ll stick with my regular sex playlist.

NSFW: yes

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