Just Getting Started [775 words; M/F (30s), 3rd person POV; Daddy/baby dynamic, teasing ]

Daddy, please,” the petite brunette begged. Her body ached with need and she could no longer control how shrill her voice sounded. She was unraveling into a chaotic scribble of arousal and denial. If she was depicted in a comic strip, she’d just be an intense cluster of graphite and red ink in a haphazard scramble of lines and curves. She felt electric, as if her skin was about to vibrate at its own frequency and set fire to the bedsheets beneath her.

The towering presence that knelt between her legs smiled devilishly. He enjoyed the way she came undone. Not an hour ago she was sassy with her sharp tongue and smart quips. Then he kissed her neck and her chest and purred compliments and praises into her throat. In no time at all her sexy smirk fell into breathy gasps. Her eloquent words dissolved into desperate pleas for more: more of his touch, more of his body. The power he possessed over her was intoxicating.

His hands leisurely roamed along her inner thighs, keeping her spread open for him. Shimmering liquid dripped from her core. With his middle finger he swept at her soft skin and she squeaked “Fuck!”

“Mm, you taste so good.”

Broken cries tumbled from her bitten lips as her hands clawed at him. Heat swam over her skin and scorched the back of her neck. Heavy breaths knotted in her chest as she bucked against him. Her mound brushed the underside of his cock and she whined. His playful grin remained.

“Please, Daddy, please,” she begged. “Please fuck me.”

With one hand planted on her thigh, he used the other to drag the head of his cock over the hardened nub of her clit. More whines spilled from her throat. As soon as he slapped his thickness on her wet flesh, she wailed.

“Are you sure, baby?” he asked wickedly. His pelvis met hers and his cock rested on her stomach. “Look how big I am, baby. Are you sure you can take it all?”

A guttural moan rumbled through her chest. Her wetness spilled onto his balls and his grin widened. He rolled his hips into her, making her legs bounce gingerly in the air. Her needy cries inspired the precum leaking from the tip of his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she exhaled and nodded eagerly. “I can take it, please. Please, Daddy.”

His thickness slid between her soaked lips, coating the veiny shaft in her wetness. Another appreciative purr shook his broad chest. He rubbed the head of his cock on her sopping entrance and pushed gently.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he warned. His length glided over her slick again.

“Please, please, please,” she begged over and over. “I can take it. I can take it, please.”

“You ready, baby?” he asked as he gently pushed into her entrance once more.

Breathless and desperate agreements spilled freely from her open mouth. Her pleading eyes struggled to focus on his as she nodded eagerly.He moved slowly, tortuously, and indulged in her reaction. The way her body quivered; her broken gasps and sharp intakes of oxygen; how her head rolled back while she blindly clawed at his hips and thighs. Watching her teeter on the edge of eruption was one of his favorite experiences.

The bulbous head stretched her swollen cunt. Her orgasm ripped through her abdomen and sent her back arching off the bed. An intense blend of shrieks, cries, and strangled swears filled the room. He barely heard his own laughter over her symphony of ecstasy.

“Aw, you’re cumming already, baby?” he cooed.

She hardly registered the question; the violent tremors of her orgasm dimmed all of her senses other than those receiving pleasure. All she could do was writhe and moan. And it amplified to a new decibel when he plunged another inch of his cock inside her.

Fuck, baby,” he purred. “You’re cumming so hard on Daddy’s cock.”

Incoherent squeaks and gasps was her only response. He sank deeper into her until the full weight of his body dropped onto hers, pinning her petite frame to the mattress. An overwhelming swell of pleasure knotted the breath in her throat, resetting her orgasm to a pinnacle she didn’t know existed. The aggressive shudders came one after the other with every inch buried inside her. The deep chuckle in his chest joined her vibrations.

“Oh baby,” he began, his voice dripping with false sympathy. He nuzzled her burning skin, brushing the tip of his tongue over her thundering pulse. The slow roll of his hips sent another rapturous frenzy through her core. “We’re just getting started.”

NSFW: yes

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