Just a handyman taking care of a issue

The time had flown by and she still couldn’t believe what was happening. Only half an hour ago the electrician had come through to check the shortages in the kitchen.

The business told Claire he would be there at 2, but a cancelation bumped her up to noon instead. That would have been all fine and good if Claire hadn’t been six inches deep in her suction dildo in the shower. The doorbell kept ringing before she could finish and, after wrapping herself in a robe, she went to the door to discover the man with his electrical bag and a friendly smile.

“Sorry,” he said when the door opened. “I’m a little early.”

“It’s fine,” Claire said and tried to smile back. Her annoyance at being interrupted was quickly washed away as she saw him look her over. A young man, maybe mid twenties, he wasn’t what she expected from a handy man.

His eyes paused on her chest and she looked down to see one hard nipple sticking out from her robe ever so slightly.

“Sorry,” she said and covered up.

“Please don’t be,” he said and Claire felt a slight tingle down below. She invited him in.

Claire explained the problem and after using a tool to plug into each outlet in the kitchen, the electrician explained it was a small issue. Easily fixed at the fuse box. She showed him where it was in the basement and he got to work.

There was an awkward moment of watching him work before she excused herself. She thought if there was time to get back in the bathroom and finish what she started. For some reason, she felt even more wet than she had before. The idea of touching herself while a man worked in her house was a major turn on.

She walked to the bathroom and grabbed her dildo off the shower wall, a slight pop sound coming as she did, and walked to her room. With the door shut behind her, Claire removed her robe and sat on her bed. She spread her legs and slowly worked the purple dildo along her slit, wetting the tip before slowly pushing it in.

Not enough time had gone by for the electrician to finish or she wondered so. As her orgasm started to create there was a knock on her door and before she could even pull her fake cock out of herself, the electrician was opening it.

“Job is done,” he said and looked her up and down. “Or is it?”

Claire had never had an experience like this. She didn’t speak. She threw the dildo apart and leaned back, spreading her legs.

The man didn’t hesitate. He got on his knees and stuck his tongue into her. She could feel the scruff of his facial hair rub the inside of her thigh as he licked her pussy from side to side, occasionally giving attention to her clit with flicks of his tongue.

She’d been built up too much today already. She came and squeezed his head between her legs.

It still wasn’t enough though. “Fuck me. Right now,” she said.

He was way ahead of her, his cock already pulled out from his pants. He pulled his shirt over his head and got on top of her. They kissed and his tongue pushed its way into her mouth. She could taste herself and it made her all the more excited.

She didn’t ask for condom, didn’t even think of it until later. She just felt the head of his cock push its way inside of her.

Fuck, that’s good,” she said into his ear.

He pulled up a bit and began hammering into her, sliding in and out of her with ease. “Tell me how badly you needed this.”

“Bad,” she said, moaning after. “So bad. Be as rough as you want.”

He obviously didn’t need to be told twice. The man grabbed her throat, gently at first, before applying more and more pressure with each thrust inside of her.

That was more than she expected but she felt another orgasm building.

The pressure on her throat built and she knew he must be getting close as well. “Where are you going to cum?“

“On your slut face,” he said and that pushed her over the edge. Her muscles tightened all over as she came again.

Now she was the one who didn’t need to be told what to do next. He pulled out and she got on her knees, licking her self off his cock and balls while he stroked his slick cock.

“Give me that fucking nut,” she said and he groaned as the first rope of cum shot onto her cheek. Another came across her nose, then another hit her forehead. Even as sensitive as she was, feeling that warmth on her face, she started lightly toying with her pussy again with her fingers.

The man took a deep breath. “Anything else I can get you?”

She smiled and licked some of the cum that had gotten close to her lips. “I think there’s a few things you can do for me. If you’re willing.”

NSFW: yes

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