Juicy part 1

There I was at 5am on the highway with an American man sitting next to me and my screaming cat shaking on his lap. I didn’t sleep at all and had way to much to drink and was still high off adrenaline from the amazing experience that night. On one hand am still living in bliss and on the other hand I was dealing with what just happened to my cat, Betty. We arrived at the animal hospital about 20 miles away from my place and the cat was taken right away. I was feeling a bit bad that I had to ask him to come with me on his first night in Europe, when he started to make a video. He said, “what a crazy story to tell people back in the US. No one will believe your cat almost drowned in the Canal!” Betty my 5 year old feline had to stay in the animal hospital for a 24 hour observation, so I signed the necessary paperwork and we got back into my car and started driving to my place. At this point we both were starting to sober up and talk about my life in the Netherlands and his life in LA. I was kinda impressed by the man sitting next to me. Besides the crazy sexual attraction, he was also an interesting, charismatic and a positive thinking real man. When we arrived to my place, I really hoped he would stay a while longer, but he insisted on headed back. I felt like our story wasn’t finished and I really enjoyed his business, but he had tourist activities planned for the day, so he set up an Uber to pick him up. He asked for my Instagram, and told me he had a great night and wanted me to let him know about the cats condition. He gave me a hug and turned and walked out the door. I watched him as he got in the Uber and I went to my bed where I could still smell his scent in my sheets. I felt bad knowing I would never see this man again. The man that gave me a mind blowing sexual experience and shared chemistry would now be a memory. I wonder if he was thinking of me?

Sitting in the backseat of the Uber headed back to Amsterdam I couldn’t help but think about what a great story to tell my friends. The party was absolutely a great time, music and vibe was lit. I meet an amazing women and had a great night full of dancing, drinking and too top it off I had a great night of passionate sex. And to think, this was just day one on my European tour.
First stop on our tour was Amsterdam and once in Holland we planned to attend an event called Juicy somewhere in Amsterdam. I was so ready to experience everything this city had to offer. It was an outdoor event with different vibes for the indoor area and a different DJ on the outside. There was a blowup swimming pool with several bars for libations as well as local food vendor. They even had a karaoke area for those who felt like being a star for the evening. Once we arrived around 4 PM the party was just starting to get packed, and I could tell that I was in for one hell of a evening. There were a mix of people from all over just wanting to have a good time. Everyone dancing enjoying themselves and taking in the last few days of sun shine before the fall of 2022 hit Europe. I danced and partied with my crew from LA and few friends we knew from Holland for about 2 hrs when I noticed a group of ladies looking my way. These ladies finally walked past me and I noticed the alpha female leading the pack. I stopped her and commented to her. “I noticed you looking at me.” I think the opinion took her off guard and she mentioned, she was trying to point me out to her sister because she wondered I was way too young for her. I said how old do you think I am. And she responded by saying probably 29 or 30! I laughed to myself and said no am actually in my 44. She looked surprised and said I will be right back. She was blond with green eyes, tall and seemed interesting enough to see where things could go, so I waited.

Part 2 next wednesday
I hope you enjoyed reading our very first story. More to come from our wild adventures..

NSFW: yes

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