Joe brings Danny over. Part 1.

Remember now, this takes over from part 10 new arrangement with Joe.

I finally chose something to wear. Don’t know why that was a difficult decision for me. A casual, sleeveless, yellow summer dress with flowers, and yellow pumps.

I was on my third Old Fashion when I saw Joe and Danny walking across the yard towards my house. I had seen him pull into his driveway so I knew he’d be over soon.

Joe told me he wouldn’t tell his cousin, Danny, the purpose for coming over that he and I discussed, but I doubted that. If those two talk and distribute like Dee and I do, then Danny knew everything. This just added to my nervousness and feeling embarrassed.

I mean, I still had some lady like manners of course, even though I’ve been carrying on with Joe as if I were a loose woman. I didn’t want Danny thinking this about me.

I met them at the door. I put on my pleasant face and greeted them with a bright smile and hellos. Joe kissed me on the cheek and I glanced to see Danny’s reaction to this friendly greeting.

I had seen photos of Danny from Joe, but having them next to each other in person, you’d swear they were brothers.

I was nervous, but kept my cool. I invited them to my small bar for a drink if they wanted one. Joe said absolutely. Even though it was a short week for them, it didn’t feel that way he said.

I went to the back of the bar and they took a stool. I asked what they had been doing at work, making small talk as I made drinks.

I pulled up the stool behind the bar and sat listening to them ramble on about work. The whiskey in my strong drink was a comfort for my nervousness.

The work topic stopped and Joe says to Danny, “Didn’t I tell you that Dotty is a nice and gorgeous woman.”

“Oh Joe, go on.” I responded, feeling my face heat up from embarrassment and the instant attention.

“I think Joe needs to practice on describing someone. He told me you are pretty, and a nice person, but he didn’t come close in his description of you.” Danny said.

“Well, thank you. You’re both making me blush.” I said with a smile then sipped my drink.

Joe then said he could use a softer seat and suggested we sit in living room. We got up and Joe and Danny went to the sofa. I was gonna sit in an arm chair but he patted the sofa and told me to sit by them.

Joe scooted over and I sat down, finding myself between the two. It wasn’t long after being seated there and Joe first started in on how pretty my legs are. My face was very hot.

I smiled, said thank you, then uncrossed my legs and stuck out in front of me. “I try, and always considered them one of my better features.” I said.

I didn’t think about what I did, just stuck them out and looked at my smooth, tanned legs. I put my feet on the floor then.

Then Joe really embarrassed me next. He squeezed my knee and caressed my leg, then said, “Yeah, your legs are super awesome, Dotty, but so is the rest of you. Like your sexy butt and breasts, too.”

“Oh my goodness, Joe. You’re embarrassing me.” I responded, glancing at Danny.

“No need to feel embarrassed, Dotty. I’ve explained to Danny here, that you are interested in experiencing being with two guys.” Joe tells me.

I sat up in a snap and set my drink on the coffee table. I buried my face in my hands, “Geezus, Joe.” I said, then turned my head towards Joe and added, “Just like that, my God.”

I was embarrassed to look in Danny’s direction for a moment. I did then and said, “You must think I’m a terrible woman for considering such thing as that.”

Danny rubbed my back and says, “I don’t think anything of the kind, Dotty. Joe’s told me some of your background, and how it was that you two got together. I’m actually very excited about the idea, and have been looking forward in meeting you.”

I grabbed my drink and sat back again, crossing my legs. I took a big gulp of my drink, finishing it and handed Joe my empty glass, “I’ll have another please.”

I didn’t know what to say next exactly. I looked at Danny, thinking again how much alike the two looked. Then tried to give some sort of explanation.

“My life has taken a big turn since being divorced, as I’m sure Joe over there has told you. Things come up that one may take into consideration, new things to try and experience is all. I’ve never thought about such things before, like being with two men. Joe brought it up one day.”

“Understood perfectly, Dotty. No need to be embarrassed, ok.” Danny soothingly tells me.

Joe comes back with my drink and asks Danny if he wants another. Danny downs his and hands Joe his glass.

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NSFW: yes

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