Joe and Danny. Part 8.

(Just a note: Next post will be, Part 1. Dee comes over).

I was gonna sit on Joe’s lap like he asked. I turned my butt to sit down and he stopped me. He meant for me to straddle him.

I look at Joe when he stopped me from sitting on his lap. He slid down some in the kitchen chair and stood his hard cock up.

“I don’t know Joe, if this will work like this, will it?” I asked him. Joe said to try it.

I set down my drink on the kitchen table and maneuvered over his lap. I held onto Joe’s shoulders and eased my pussy down until the tip of his cock was touching me.

Joe swished his cock head on my wet slit as I kept easing up and down until his cock found my opening. I worked my pussy up and down on him, taking more of his thick cock each time.

My ass came to rest on him, his hard length buried deep in my pussy. “Oh my. I guess this is going to work.” I said, looking down at him.

Joe reached around and gripped my ass cheeks, helping to bounce my bottom on that lovely hard cock. He sucked on my bouncing tits at the same time.

In this position Joe’s cock was making constant rubbing contact with my clit. I flooded his cock with cum again and again.

That’s pretty much how that Friday went, fucking with these two horny young men. I wasn’t upset when it appeared that they were wearing down. I was able to finally prepare a meal without being waylaid.

It was later in the evening, after we had supper, having another drink when Joe brought up Dee. He asked if Dee would be coming over this weekend. I called her right then and put the call on video chat.

It was a ordinary conversation, nothing crazy or sexual was said. Small talk back and forth mostly. I knew what Joe and Dee were referring to when saying certain things, though.

It was still early, around 6:30 PM. Joe asked Dee if she wanted to come over for a few drinks and a swim maybe. He and Danny had already been in the pool and Danny was swimming now. We were out on the patio having drinks.

Dee was the one who brought something sexy when Joe told her to bring her nice bikini with her.

“Well, a night pool party, huh. Didn’t think a bathing suit was needed.” Dee laughed then said she be over in a bit.

Dee lived on the same lake as I did, and Joe next door, just a mile down the shoreline, so she was closer to me by way of water than driving in a car. She’s coming by boat.

I slipped my sandals on and told Joe I was filling my drink and gonna walk down to the dock and wait for Dee.

Joe did the same and walked with me. Danny was doing laps, sitting in the sauna, then swimming some more.

The cool breeze coming off of the lake, blowing up the lane, felt great. Joe’s damp trunks being cooled down in the breeze, he said felt great also.

I had my bikini on but I hadn’t gone swimming yet. We walked past the boathouse and onto the wide dock. The sun was just setting and was a very pretty site shinning just above the large lake.

I had my drink, cigarettes, and phone with me. Dee called to say she’d be awhile, like 15-20 minutes. I told her ok and will be down by the lake waiting for her, Joe and I.

Joe and I stood there watching the lake. Now that Dee wasn’t arriving right away, I should have figured that Joe would begin having ideas. I say this because he had had his hand on my shoulder. Magically, his hand was now rubbing my ass. I had a thong bottom on so my bare ass was right there.

His fingers slowly moved up and down the crack of my ass, getting closer each time to my pussy, which practically was right there also.

There’s two chairs and a small table on the dock. Joe set his drink down and squeezed my titties as he planted a wet kiss on my lips. Then he says,

“Dotty, it’s nice here. Want to do something while we’re waiting for Dee?”

I looked up into his face. His manipulation was turning me on. Looking into his large, brown eyes turns me on also. I softly responded with a kiss and placed my hand on the front of his tight trunks.

The kiss ended and I looked right into his eyes, gritting my pearly whites, rubbing the large bulge of his hard cock, from his balls to the bulbous, head of it, and said,

“Sure thing honey. I think you have something that you’d like to give to me.
Lets go into the boathouse. There’s a small sofa and other furnishings there.” I told him through my gritted teeth, as if I meant this to hurt as I rubbed his fat bulge very hard, and rough.

Joe replies, “Why in the boathouse, it’s great out here, Dotty?”

I looked around the dock quickly and asked, “Where? Not on the hard dock, I hope you’re not suggesting. I don’t need a sliver in the butt.”

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