Joe and Danny. Part 3.

Joe was kissing me, rubbing my pussy through my panties. Danny had lowered his mouth to my left tit and was sucking and kissing my nipple. This was driving me crazy.

I pulled my mouth from Joe’s and loudly gasped for air. Joe’s face was right there yet looking at my face and reaction to what was happening. He had my ass squirming on the sofa. He pecked my lips, watching my flushed, heated face.

“Let’s go in your bedroom, Dotty, ok. Get you out of these panties where you can be comfortable.” Joe softly said into my face.

I brought my hands from squeezing their excited cocks. My right hand went to Joe’s that was teasing my pussy. My left rested on Danny’s head where he was sucking on my tit and squeezing my other one. My massive arousal had my pussy slowly pumping and gyrating against Joe’s fingers.

Joe pecked my parted lips and was saying things to me. “Let’s go to bed, Dotty, where we can fuck. We both want to fuck you very much. Wouldn’t you like to fuck, Dotty.”

I opened my eyes slightly, licking my parted lips. His fingers were rubbing circles on my panties right where my throbbing clit is. He knew the spot very well.

Listening to Joe talking about fucking, asking me if I wanted to fuck, had my head spinning. His fingers had my pussy aching. Danny sucking and nibbling on my erect nipple only added to my excitement. This entire thing had an exciting effect on me.

I softly said, looking at Joe, “Yeah, I do.”

Danny obviously heard this and his mouth came off of my tit. Joe’s hand left my hot, damp pussy. They both stood up then and offered me a hand.

I got to my feet, catching my breath. I looked at both naked young men and said I couldn’t believe this was happening and that I was doing this.

Both of them hard as a rock. The only different I saw between them, that I noticed, was Danny’s young cock had a curve to it. Funny how I notice those things, but I did.

We started for my bedroom and my mind was racing wildly with thoughts about what was gonna happen. This wasn’t gonna be anything like Joe taking turns fucking Dee and me. I think it was gonna be non stop fucking me this time.

I wondered fucking Joe was a naughty thing for me to do, now I was gonna fuck with two young men. An experience I wasn’t sure I need to do. Seemed to be too late for that now.

I went to the bed and pulled the covers down, and stacked the large pillows. I turned around and there stood the two, horny and willing young men staring at me.

Danny was slowly stroking his hard cock as his eyes devoured me. “Very sexy, Dotty. I can’t believe this is happening either.” Danny said.

Joe stepped up and grabbed my shoulders, planting a kiss on me. His hands eased me down to sit on the bed.

“I’ve missed your pretty lips on my cock, Dotty. You feel like sucking on ours for a moment.” Joe bluntly asked me.

There was no reason for me to feel embarrassed about anything said or revealed in front of Danny now. I’m sure Joe has already told Danny about me sucking his cock. Along with everything we’ve ever done. But the straight forward opinion from Joe did embarrass me.

“If that’s what you want, Joe, ok.” I answered, feeling my face getting hot.

Joe stood in front of me waiting for me to start. I put my hand around Joes thickness. I glanced up at Danny quickly, still stroking his hard length.

I bent Joe’s cock down to my lips and sucked in the bulbous, oozing head. I bobbed my mouth on him for only a short time when he pulled away and stepped back.

Danny was next. I felt like a whore. Not in a bad way. A tingling excitement from being this naughty. Hard to explain I guess, but was a whorish thing I was engaged in. It strangely was a new excitement for me.

More next post.

NSFW: yes

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