Jo, Bella and Me – Short Sex Story

When I was in my late 20’s I became involved in a ‘tempestuous’ relationship with a girl called Josephine. Josephine was / is unique. She was the most hedonistic, self centred and ‘fun’ person I have ever met. Nothing was off limits to Josephine, and we enjoyed a fun ‘affair’ from 2000-2001 (I maybe will write up some of my experiences with her another day). Josephine and I lost touch until we bumped into each other on social media. Now she had a couple of kids and was on the downslope of her second marriage. We became involved again, and soon I realised that neither of us had changed much sexually… Josephine was still a hedonistic girl!
During our previous tryst we had had a couple of FFM threesomes (Josephine liked girls as well as boys) and we discussed if we would still do such a thing… Yes was our conclusion. I wanted to discover a single female from a swinger site, but Josephine said ‘lets just get a hooker!’
We selected Bella… Bella was in her early 30’s, 5’5″ tall, blonde hair, South African, average tits, pretty face. We explained what we wanted to do, agreed a price and planned the date.
The day arrived and I was dissapointed to discover Josephine in one of her ‘difficult’ moods when I picked her up at the train station. We went to the hotel (one of the Hiltons) and had dinner and a couple of drinks and settled down to wait for 8pm when we agreed to meet. We had booked her for a couple of hours, and at about 7.45 we went into the bar where we were to meet. 8pm came and went, and I was beginning to think we had a no show. However Bella turned up full of apologies at 8.15, and we broke the ice. Soon, Josephine stood up and told me to follow them in 15 minutes. They both left and I sat down to finish my drink.
Bella was very pretty with a cute accent. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and carried an intrigueing bag, the contents of which I was to find. After 15 minutes I grabbed a bottle of fizz from the bar and headed off to the room. I used my spare key card to open the room and walked in. The girls had been busy!
The bed was stripped of the duvet and the usual crap they put on hotel beds and I was greeted by Josephine dressed just in just black stockings and a suspender belt (my fave) and Bella dressed in just Black Holdups. I noticed that Bella had a nice large tattoo on her side and back, which I know Josephine likes also. They were both passionately kissing each other on the bed, fondling each others breasts (Josephines breasts were fantastic!…. very full and perfect on her thin body) and touching each other. I opened the champagne, poured three glasses and stripped off

I climbed onto the bed and immediately pushed my head between Josephines legs and began to lick her pussy. Josephine had such a beautiful pussy, quite plump outer lips and a really large clit. I had perfected the art of getting Josephines off over the years and soon made her cum…. ‘I think Bella would like some of that’ said Josephine as she continued to kiss and fondle our companion. I parted Bellas legs and began to lap away at her shaved pussy. I was soon joined by Josephine and we took it in turns to eat Bellas pussy. Josephine made her cum when she used her fingers on her, and I began to suck on Bellas tits as she enjoyed her orgasm.
Next Josephine climbed on my cock and began to ride me as Bella kissed Josephine and touched her clit and breasts. Josephine soon changed position to reverse cowgirl, and after riding me for a while Bella grabbed hold of my cock, sucked me deeply and then guided it back into Josephines pussy….. SOOOOOO hot!
Josephine then asked Bella to fuck me and she too climbed on top of me. Josephine continued to enjoy Bellas body as she rode my cock, and as we had been going for 20 intense minutes I told Josephine I was nearly gonna cum. Both girls now took turns to suck my cock, challenging each other to take it deeper. Eventually, Josephine wanked my over Bellas breasts, who then proceeded to rub my cum in right in front of my eyes. After a few minutes chatting I went into the bathroom to clean up. Upon my return I was greeted with the sight of Josephine and Bella holding a double ended dildo ‘You should see what else she has in her bag’ said Josephine and the girls used to toy together and I enjoyed the show!
Over our remaining time we continued lots of fucking, licking, sucking and cumming… I myself managed three times, and with Josephine I lost count. Shortly before my final orgasm Bella pulled out a strap-on cock. Josephine asked me if I would let Bella fuck me with it, but I said ‘maybe next time’. Bella strapped on the dildo, and began fucking Josephine…. I watched as she fucked her first in missionary, then in doggy and finally Josephine straddled the cock while Bella sucked me hard again….
The most erotic part of the evening was when I moved around the back to watch the show of Josephines arse boucning up and down as her pussy rode Bellas strap-on. I saw my opportunity and after lubing my cock up I moved closer. Josephine sensed what I was wanting and helped to guide my cock into her ass. I have watched DP on porn a lot and it often seems that a rythmn is key…. for some reason we were in perfect harmony and afterwards Josephine said that the dual senssations of pussy and butt sex was incredible. Bella did her part and really picked up the pace and Josephine was having orgasm after orgasm… Finally I came deep in Josephines ass and we all collapsed.
It was then that we discovered that Josephine had been squirting loads, something she hadnt done before. Bella left, and we had a drink before sleep. In the morning I recieved a nice text from Bella saying how much she had enjoyed it!
Sadly there was not to be a next time with Josephine and our relationship soured, but I can never forget that evening!

NSFW: yes

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