Jenny Part 2

Jenny Part 2

A few months after returning from Afghanistan, I was getting settled back into my regular job. Pushing paper and answering phones. You know, the exciting stuff.  One day I was clieaning out my accumulated emails and there was an email.

From Jenny.

This did not get me in a good mood.  On the contrary.  Long buried feeling came back to the surface.  After all this time, why now?  Why did you reach out now.  Many thoughts were running through my head, including pain and anger.  I should have deleted that email.  Ghosted you like you ghosted me.  
Against my better judgement, I replied to your email.  After a few back and forth emails, You gave me your number.  

I was still upset.  Angry from the hurt.  And you were humble and apologetic for what happened between us.  I wanted to be angry.  I wanted to yell at you and hurt you too.  I wanted you to feel the pain I felt.  I agreed to meet and try to hear you out.  

We went for a walk along a trail in the woods, not to far from where we both worked.  We took a walk and you were looking just a good as the last time I saw you.  Slender, long brown hair, 5’1″ and 100 lbs soaking wet, and a figure that was sexy as I remember.  I wanted to be angry.  I wanted to walk away and leave.  I wanted to hold you and kiss you.  I was so confused.  

so I gave you a hug.  Holding you so close in my arms was just to much.  Your lips were so close, supple and just asking to be kissed.  And when our lips touched, the sparks flew.  I had to hold you as your knees gave out.  

Just as I wondered, there was something still there.  I wanted you.  My body wanted you, ached for you.  The touch of your lips ignited a fire within.  Holding you so close, I could not hide my desire for you.   I am so confused.  I want to be angry with you, but my body says otherwise.  I press you up against your car and kiss you again.  Pressing into you and holding you close.  hands wondering over your body as we kiss deeply.  Fuck I want you.   

I have to let you go.  I don’t want to stop kissing you, and I don’t want to accept that I still desire you.  But I cannot help how I feel.  What we shared was a lot deeper then I wondered.  I need time to think this through.

A week later:

Its a late August day.  Warm, not hot.  We meet for a walk in a different picnic area close by.  I have a blanket so we can discover a quiet place to sit and talk.  Sitting on the blanket, you look so gorgeous.  You have an effect on me.  

I want to hold you close.  God we fit so well together.  Having you in my lap and kissing you.  Holding you close and caressing your back, hips, bum and shoulders.  Your arms around my neck as my hands slide under your shirt to caress the soft skin of your back.  Your fingers in my hair as we kiss passionately.   

Slowly we begin to undress each other.  It started with you pulling your shirt over your head.  God I love seeing you in your bra.  and I pulled my shirt off as well.  We continue kissing and holding each other.  Feeling your bare skin against me.  My hands caressing your back discover their way to your bra, and my deft fingers discover and release the clasp, and continue up to your shoulders.  While you kiss me, I slide your bra straps off your shoulders.  All the while you’re grinding your crotch on my very erect cock.  You have such an effect on me.  

We’re out in a secluded picnic area.  Just you and I, on this blanket slowly letting our desires for each other drive our actions.  I gently kiss your neck, one hand holding your back towards me, while my other hand slides into your panties and caress your bum.  God I love your sexy ass.  While all that is going on, you begin to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants.  Reaching inside to gently stroke me.  
I lean back and lay down, watching your bra fall from your body.  Exposing your gorgeous   naked breasts to me.  Nipples erect in excitement.  I love licking and sucking on your nipples.  I love your responses to my stimulations.  I want to hold and caress them.  But you slide down my thighs.  Tugging my pants and boxers down my thighs.  Exposing my hard cock to your view.  I watch your eyes as you see me excited for you.  

I love your touch.  The gentle way you hold me and slowly stroke me.  Almost makes me putty in your hands.    I watch your tits, nipples erect with excitement.  I caress your face and pull you to me.  I diss you passionately as you continue to stroke me.  

We break our kiss and I see a hunger in your eyes.  One I haven’t seen in a while.  You slide off to my side and begin to pull your pants off.  I take my off as well and we’re completely naked.  You roll back over on top of me.  Kissing me passionately.  Your naked boobs on my chest.  I love the feeling of your skin against my skin.  You’re so wet as you rub your pussy up and down my cock.  I have missed you deeply.  Holding you this close is a dream.  Caressing your back and bum as we kiss and your grind your pussy on me.  The moans of pleasure you make drive me wild.  

Kissing your neck and nibbling your ears, You sound so sexy when you moan.  You say you’re so close you’re gonna cum soon.  While you are sliding along my shaft, I feel my tip close to your entrance.  My hands are on your hips, and with a little shift of my hips, I gently pull your hips down to mine.  I slowly enter your pussy, no barriers between us.  Just skin to skin.  When I’m fully seated inside you, that’s when I hear and feel you explode in a powerful orgasm.  

Its been so long.  God I love it when you cum for me.  Its so special when we make love.  Being that intune with you and your body.  Just holding you close as you come down from your high.  I love the way you grip me and hold me inside you.  

I hold you close, and roll you over into the missionary position while staying inside you.  Every time we’re together, I lose myself in you.  You have this power over me.  The look in your eyes when we make love.  Holding your hands above your head, fingers intertwined, we kiss and you wrap your legs around my waste.  We have a natural rhythm.  Our hips joined together, our bodies moving together.  Deep inside you, feeling each other intimately, skin to skin. 

I cannot hold you tight enough to me.  I cannot be deep enough inside you.  I so want to cum and yet I want to last longer.  I cannot hold back any longer.  You smash your hips to me as I go as deep inside you as feasible.  My cock resting against your cervix.  I know you’re not on birth control.  You know I’m  not shooting blanks.  But none of that matters.  The only thing that does matter is being with you.  

I whisper in your ear “I’m going to cum soon”.  “cum inside me baby, I want you inside me”  
I love it when you talk to me like that.  You know it gets me every time.  My orgasms rips through my body.  I shoot everything I have deep inside you.  Painting your cervix with my seed.   Laying there with you.  Kissing you as you hold me inside you.  Just like before.  Like no time has passed. Holding you close and looking into each other’s eyes. Those long buried feelings right back to the surface again.   

NSFW: yes

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