J is for Jacking It [MF20s][office][public place][masturbation][risky][big boobs][cons]

Jacob was still reeling from what Laurie had just told him. The two of them had been consistently flirting since she joined the business last month. Laurie was a bubbly, outgoing type of person who liked to talk, and since it was just the two of them tucked away in their own little annex, Jacob supposed it made sense that she would direct her attention towards him.

But for the past week, Jacob had noticed that Laurie had been ramping up the flirting. She was at all times finding reasons to come and stand over his desk, even though their desks were right opposite one another and she could have just told him what she needed to do from there. She was also finding more and more chances to touch him: whether to remove a piece of fluff from his shoulder, or feel the material of his shirt, or to squeeze his biceps after he told her he had been to the gym the night before.

Not that Jacob minded. Laurie was exactly his type: short and blonde, with extremely big tits that at all times looked as if they were about to burst out of her top. Although it wasn’t just that, there was something just innately magnetic about her. It also motivated him to go the gym.

But Laurie had caught him completely off guard, and he didn’t know what he need to do. Either he was about to experience the single greatest moment of his short-lived life so far, or he was gonna be going home with the biggest pair of blue balls ever.

It had been a slow day in the office, and Laurie had came over to his desk to tell him how bored she was. Jacob had been feeling the same, but Laurie was standing slightly leaning across his desk so that he was eye to eye with her perfect tits. The top couple buttons of her shirt had come undone so that he could the outline of her cleavage, and as she talked he could see them rise and fall with every exhale and inhale. It certainly was a welcoming distraction, although he made sure to keep eye contact.

“Do you know what me and my ex would do on days like this? Did I ever tell you that I used to work in the same office as my ex-boyfriend?”

“Er, I don’t think so.”

“Well I say boyfriend… it wasn’t really anything that serious. Anyway, that’s not the point. On quiet days like this we used to play a little game. Our desks were opposite each others, kinda like yours and mine are now. You know, I really shouldn’t be telling you this, but I know I can trust you… if there wasn’t anyone about he would start jacking it under his desk so I could see.”

Jacob didn’t know how to respond to that. He didn’t want Laurie to see him blushing, or thinking he was prude. But he also didn’t really want to ask her any follow up questions about her ex-boyfriend’s dick. “That doesn’t sound like much of a game,” he tried to sound nonchalant, but he was intrigued why she was telling him this.

“Well the game was he had to finish before anyone saw. You see, the thrill of being caught made it so much hotter. And I would watch him doing it, and I would see how long I could watch him for without touching myself – which is a lot harder than it sounds.”

Jacob gulped, he could feel his cock twitching beneath his pants. The wondered of Laurie sitting in her office chair becoming more and more turned on, her pussy getting so wet that it soaked through her panties, was driving him wild. “I stand corrected,” Jacob managed to say, making sure to look Laurie directly her large, blue eyes, and not anywhere else.

“You’ve ever done anything like that at work?” Laurie asked, leaning forward even further so that Jacob could smell her perfume: it was light and floral, but it was making him feel heady – although that might have been something else. Jacob shook his head. “You should try some time. It’s very freeing. And very hot. There’s nothing more arousing than a man who is comfortable with his own body.”

“Maybe I will.” Jacob’s grip tightened over the armrest of his chair. What was she playing at?

“You should.” Laurie smiled and patted him on shoulder, her hand lingering longer than necessary. Then she walked away.

Jacob had been thinking about what she had said ever since, his semi throbbing in his pants. Had she been serious? Did she really think he should jack himself off in the office? Did she want to watch him? Would that turn her on? Is that even what he wanted? Harmless flirting was one thing, but what she was saying was something different altogether. He certainly didn’t want to misread the situation…

He pulled from his thoughts by the sound of footsteps coming from down the corridor. Although the carpet muffled her footsteps, Jacob would recognise the sound of Laurie’s deceivingly heavy footfall anywhere.

As Laurie rounded the corner, her head held high, Jacob noticed that a couple more of her buttons had come undone – either accidentally or on purpose. He could see the top of her blue satin bra poking out. It didn’t look as if it fit her very well, and he half expected, anticipated, them to come spilling out.

Her right hand was clenched up into a ball, but Jacob was too distracted to notice if she held anything in or not. She smiled at him, but didn’t say anything as she walked passed his desk, unclenching her fist as she did so. Something light blue and lacy dropped onto Jacob’s desk, but Laurie didn’t seem to notice as she continued walking by.

Jacob hesitated before picking what he quickly realised to be a thong off from of his desk. He looked across at Laurie, but she was already sat down staring at her computer as if entranced by her spreadsheets. His eyes instinctively darted downwards, under her desk. As if sensing his gaze, Laurie spread her thighs slightly aside, causing her short black skirt to rise up round her hips. Underneath, Jacob could see her fresh shaven pussy glistening between her pale thighs.

He didn’t need a clearer signal than that, and he could already feel his cock pressing up uncomfortably against his trousers. Still holding Laurie’s underwear in his hand, Jacob hurriedly began tugging his belt.

Hearing the sound of his belt buckle slapping against the leather chair, Laurie looked up from her computer and across towards Jacob. Her eyes drifted downwards, and settled on the bulge between his legs. That was all the encouragement Jacob needed as he reached down and pulled his fully erect cock out of his boxers. Biting her bottom lip, Laurie cocked her head to one side, and began fingering at the open V of her shirt.

Jacob began to slowly stroke the length of his shaft. Laurie squirmed in her seat in response, as if someone had lit a fire under her. Still, she kept her gorgeous blue eyes on Jacob, watching his hand slide up and down his meaty cock. Jacob wondered she had never looked sexier, and thought how it would feel to have Laurie’s dainty hands wrapped around his shaft. What would if feel like to have her lips wrapped around his cock – would she be able take him all in? Or would she gag, spluttering with him wedged in the back of her throat? Either way, Jacob knew that he would enjoy coming in her mouth. Without thinking he began to pick up the pace.

Laurie’s hand slid from away from her chest, and under the desk where she began tugging at the hem of her skirt, pulling it further up over her round, little hips. All Jacob could think about was bending her over the desk and ramming his cock into her pussy. He knew she would be tight, constricting round him, but so, so wet that he would slide right in. He would go hard at first, pounding so deeply that they would cause the desk to shake beneath them. But then he would go slow, teasing her, making her beg him to bring her to orgasm.

Jacob was so deep in his fantasy that he hardly noticed when the phone began to ring. Luckily Laurie answered it, her hand sliding down between her legs as she held the receiver precariously in the crook of her neck. Jacob tried to listen to what she was saying on the phone in case it was essential, but he couldn’t concentrate, as her finger slowly rubbed against her slit.

She was unbelievably sexy, he almost thought if he was dreaming. He wanted to distribute her, so that others could admire her beauty. When she was finished on the phone, he would take her and push her up against the large window looking out at the street below – smushing her perfect tits up against the cold glass while he fucked her in the ass. Their cries would fill the whole office that their colleagues would have no doubt what they were up to. Bystanders outside would look and see his blonde goddess being fucked, defiled, by him. They would all stew in envy as she came just for him, her juices smearing the window…

“…See you in a bit.” Laurie hung up the phone.

Pulling down her skirt, she then walked round to his desk so that she was standing directly beside him. Most of her buttons had come undone, so that her boobs were inches from his face. The urge to bury his head between them, and kiss and lick and bite every inch of them was strong inside him, but now she was standing beside him he suddenly didn’t know how to approach her. Still running his hand up and down his shaft, he forced himself to look her in eyes, and listen to what she had to say. “You need to hurry. That was Roscoe. He’s heading down, and he’ll be here any minute.”

Jacob knew he should stop. He couldn’t let the boss walk in on him. But he was close, the image of Laurie’s juicy little lips still fresh in his mind; he bet they tasted sweet. Sensing the determination in his gleaming eyes, Laurie knew what she had to do. What she had fantasising about and building herself up for. She kicked back his chair with her foot and lowered herself down on to her knees in front of him. Instinctively, Jacob parted his legs further making room for her as she leaned forwards wrapping her soft lips round his swollen, throbbing head.

Jacob let out a groan, his hand still vigorously working his shaft as she ran her tongue along his tip. Her mouth felt so warm and wet and inviting. He wanted to grab her by the hair and pull her all the way down. To impale her on his dick. But instead he reached forwards and began gently massaging her shoulder, feeling the sharp outline of her shoulder blade as she hunched forwards. Laurie ran her tongue his across his head tasting and licking every throbbing inch, while he continued jacking himself.

She then reached up and began to stroke his balls. Her fingers were soft and deft, sending a tingling sensation throughout his body and deep inside his core. It was more than Jacob could take in that moment, and without warning he cummed, involuntarily jolting forwards into the back of her throat. Laurie managed to take it all, swallowing back her gag reflex along with his ejaculate. She finished swallowing down every last drop just as they heard the lift doors ding open down the other end of the corridor.

Quickly, she picked up her thong that had been discarded on the floor and shoved into Jacob’s pocket, before scrambling up onto her feet. Jacob didn’t have time to clean himself up or bask in his post-cum glow, as he quickly pulled up his trousers and fumbled at his belt buckle. Laurie just finished buttoning her shirt back up when their boss suddenly rounded the corner.

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