I’ve got another story

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NSFW: yes

One of the 5th year bros in the fraternity had this one booty call who graduated in 4 years, so she was now a working professional starting her career and my bro was a “super senior”. He would every now and then invite her back to the fraternity house and fool around and she would at all times walk around in just panties, no bra. So one night my bros and I are playing NBA 2k in the living room and our 5th year bro is taking his friend to pound town. She was super vocal and the house was a normal school rental so there is booze every where and everyone is at all times buzzed and happy. That’s when our bro yells from his bedroom, “who wants to hop in here?” and we were all willing.

He was my “big bro” so I had dibs to go in and we ended up Eiffel towering her, taking turns as she would suck and fuck us. I was buzzed so I was able to last longer than I expected but eventually I busted and my bro was still rock hard so he told me to go get another bro to tag in.

I tagged in another bro and they went to pound town. He busted eventually and so did the super senior bro but she told them to keep coming in, so then the remaining 3 bros each took a turn with her and one by one would come back to the living room to play 2k and drink. When the final bro busted and returned to the boys, the girl came out absolutely sweaty and used. her lipstick was messed up, her hair, her inner leg was covered in body fluids from sweat to pussy water to cum. She Then put on some sweats, a hoodie and said “thank you boys” as she blew us a kiss and left.

She was definitely the Fraternity’s favorite girl after that lol

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