I’ve gone further with my bsf

So my profile got banned for 6 days so I couldn’t update sadly but now I’m back and can update all ya.

So me and my bsf went further, it was a free period that me and her have as our year lvl normally has this period as a free one anyways. So we were sitting down talking about sex, toys and all that kinda stuff when I asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom and she said yes, so we both got up and went to the bathroom, thankgod that these bathroom stalls in this building are much larger so we had plenty of room thankfully.

So we get into the stall and lock the door, I’ve mentioned that I am someone who loved to please other especially in a sexual way and she knows that so she sat on the toilet with the lid down and lifted her shirt, I lifted her tits out of her bra and wasted no time sucking and groping her tits, she was letting out soft moans and I sucked her tits on going for 30 minutes……

It was really great, she was grabbing me and rubbing her pussy against my body and I was on my knees sucking her tits since it was easier.
If anything else happens I’ll keep updating.

NSFW: yes

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