I’ve been with my gf for 2 years and I still get my dick sucked from my ex at least once a month.

I’ll be honest, I can’t give it up. Worst part is, my gf is the sweetest, kindest soul. My ex cheated on me, lied, had a 5150 called on her, shoplifted, etc.

Idgaf. She still snatches my soul like nobody I’ve ever met. My chick’s head game is okay, but my ex that I’ve been getting straight swallowed by, makes my gf’s head game look like fucking garbage.

I’m talking the comparison is getting absolutely drained by a wet, power suction vacuum versus jacking off with sandpaper.

Plus my ex edges and teases THE FUCK out of me while she’s sucking my cock. Not to mention, she PUTS IN WORK in terms of how long she can suck for.

Yesterday, I bailed on my girl’s job award ceremony to get deep throated by my ex at her place. She sucked me for 15 FUKCING MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING. (Well, she intentionally stopped a few times when I would get close to busting my nut so she could giggle and say “uh-uh, not yet.” Then after a second or two she’d go back to straight up slurping me.) I came twice from the same blowjob. Plus she sucked and gargled me while she was butt ass naked. Ass in the air, titties bouncing, and she absolutely forbade me any pussy (which is probably the best part cause it makes me cum even harder).

Oh and her pussy is bomb too. Long story short, she was the worst relationship I’ve been in, but the best lay.

I’d love to go into more detail if anyone’s interested. Just chat me. Don’t wanna type it all out here. Plus I’ll send pics of what my ex looks like and pics of my dick to so you can see what she had to work with. No easy task.

NSFW: yes


  1. Kenmikemasters

    Been there. For me it’s been a while but I had a girl just like that. We were like oil and water. But when it came to the sex there was no other like her.

  2. weatherguy4

    Remember how you felt when you found out your ex cheated on you? How you going to feel when your gf finds out what your doing? Oh, and sooner or later she’ll find out, they always find out.
    I say this because I’ve been there a couple of times myself, make a choice and stick with it, only bad things can come from what you’re doing.

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