“ Its what friends do “

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I have this friend let’s call her E, she’s Petite latina, cute butt with perky tits incredibly single and Enormous virgin not even first kiss but she spends alot of time on discord, twitter, she’s beyond innocent mentally. While i’m a buff black guy who’s lean athletic and we’re commonly mistaken for a couple. Besties since HS you could say we hang out quite often cause once we graduated and she became 18 she finally got freedom. She grew up with crazy strict family and was cooped up.

She has social anxiety and needs me time to time for social situations and sometimes to help her talk to a guy. She has these notifications from Spotify called Suburb Talks and they ask these questions I forgot what the question was specifically but it was something about “ How do you make the first move ? “ she asked me for advice and I told her as a girl she should hold eye contact and lean forward smile a little, Give a compliment( I know she’s a gigantic sub so dominant moves she can’t do )

She asked me what do I do as first moves, I go on to tell her how i’m respectful but if i’m in place emotionally with them where both people are comfortable i’d get close to them on the couch, Lock eyes, focus on every word they say, smile calmly. I proceed to run my hand to her and move it up to her inner thigh to show her as example ( me and her are quite friendly and comfortable ) She came in jean shorts so i was touching bare skin and i can see her get flustered and i told her
“ See “ I said
“ Yeah I can see what your doing but at least your hand doesn’t shake no more “ she said referring to back in Highschool when I’d get shaky when being in sexual situations and we laughed. She asked me what’s next in my first move and I was wondering and asked her
“ More ? “ I said
“ You got the set up but where’s your finishing move “ She said
“ O bet you ain’t ready for this “ I said
So i lock in and as i’m starring into her eyes with my hands on her inner thigh, Time it perfectly
“ Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are “ I said, She blushed getting flustered.
“ Thank you “ she said breaking eye contact and beginning to clinch her legs.
“ Do you mind “ I said as i lean in for a kiss and then
“ Thats my move and kill, Tell me you don’t think that works “ I said and she kept looking at me deeply
“ It works “ she said licking her lips and instead of us laughing it off together she closes the distance and kisses me so passionately and I’m not going to refuse, I kiss back. She stops
“ Junior your my first kiss “ she said
“ Omg Mb “ i said
“ No no no It’s probably better that it’s with you, Your good “ She said
“ We’ll thank you “ I said
She begins to get all shy before saying
“ I want to do it again “ she said all softly looking down, I lift her up by her chin and Kiss her filled with passion. massaging her inner thigh. Sliding my hand higher up her leg and she goes to hold my hand saying
“ I’m scared, I don’t know “ She said
“ I’ll stop “ As i go to take off her hand, she holds it tightly
“ Don’t stop, I want it, I want you to take my virginity “ She said.
I begin kissing on her neck as I take off her shorts and have her sit on my couch in her panties all cute.
“ Do you wanna see it “ I said looking at my dick
“ I never seen it besides the bulge, i’m scared “ she said but she slowly takes off my joggers and I kick them off. She took out of my boxers, stares in Aweee as she compares it to her face
“ How do you put this in people “ she said
“ I’m so small “ She said
I snicker and laugh and run my fingers thru her hair as she sucks my tip trying to fit more and more in her mouth she put in so much effort and gawd it was cute, She felt real good tho she used a lot of spit nd slobber but almost died choking
“ I can’t fit it in my mouth “ She said
“ Don’t worry “ i said

Picking her up off the ground on the couch putting her in missionary she looks at me deeply and I give her the nod letting her know she’s safe with me, move her panties to the side and begin rubbing her feeling that she’s incredibly wet and sensitive. As I rub her clit she moans and takes it like I’m already fucking her. Once I think she’s ready I rub my dick against her
Fuck your enormous “ she said as she grabs the couch pillow to cover her face
“ Don’t look at me “ she said
I slowly stick in my tip
“ O god your going inside me, another human being is inside me “ She said repeatingly
I go in slightly more trying not to go in too fast but she’s so wet it’s sliding in. I can’t be so slow she’s so Wet and I put it all in her. She immediately takes the couch pillow and throws it at me
“ Mother Fucker Puta, Your so FUCKING deep, im gonna kill you “ She said Aggressively gripping into the couch
“ Be gentle, I can’t take it “ she said. I’m over her fucking slowly as she screams. holding her comforting her, I fuck her all slow for awhile until I hear
“ O Junior fuck “ She said
“ I’m going to cum “ She said
“ Fuck your making me cum “ she said and her nails DIVE into my arms. She’s taking it best she can but i can see her cry a little, it’s so sweet so I kiss her and fuck her all sweet eventually we figure out she’s a squirter and it ends up all over me and I LOVE squirt so i begin fucking her at a pace where Ima cum and she begin screaming.
“ Aghhh slow down slow down “ She said
“ Trust me “ I said
“ Wtf “ she said as I keep fucking her and she screams and screams and squirts and orgasms shaking all on me but drives me and eventually I came all on her ………… Cleaned up and held her softly after and we talked about she felt after

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NSFW: yes

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