It’s my turn to massage you [F43/M44] [erotic massage] [romantic] [oral]

I wanted to come over and give you a massage… You work so hard healing other people: this time I wanted to be the one to nourish you. It’s dark when I arrive at your house… I’m not sure exactly what to expect; I just know that I can’t stop thinking about you… and my hands rubbing massage oil allll over your body. When I arrive, you’ve got the massage table set up in the living room and your favorite band playing through the speakers. The massive salt lamp in the corner creating a soft, romantic ambiance. It’s nice and warm in your house and I feel my body flush with anticipation, making me warmer still.

You charm me with your wit and humor as you get up on the table and I feel both at ease and excited. Your gorgeous, naked body stretched upon the table, you’re lying on your back; resting your head in your hands giving off an air of playfulness yet authority. You tell me to begin with your legs. I rub some oil into my palms and am immediately turned on, recalling the smell of the massage oil from the first time you used it on me… I’m breathing heavier now as I run my hands up and down your thigh… pulling and pressing your strong muscles back and forth. I can feel your body relax and surrender to my touch and a thrill builds inside me knowing that I can make you feel so good. My hands work their way up toward your inner thigh now and my fingertips graze both sides of your cock. I watch you slooooooowwwwly begin to get hard and I slowly crawl up onto the table. I’m kneeling between your legs, running my hands up and down both of your thighs… slow and firm, my hands reach your inner thighs and I can’t help myself any longer. My oiled hand reaches down the length of your hard cock and I start to stroke you – still slow and firm – and you look beautiful; your hard cock glistening in the amber light of the salt lamp. I glance up at you and see that you’re watching me stroking you.

I keep my eyes locked on yours as I lower my mouth down onto your cock, taking you alllll the way in, till I feel you at the back of my throat. I love the way you fill up my mouth. I feel myself getting wetter and it makes me greedy… my mouth moving up and down, tasting you… getting your cock nice and sloppy. I feel my wet pussy tingling and your cock starts to vibrate in my mouth. You suddenly sit up and before I know it you’ve lifted my shirt up over my head. You lower me back onto the table and slide my pants off, throwing them to the floor. I’m sideways on the table and you’re standing before me… your hands reach for my ankles and you press my legs wide… and wider still before you split me open and thrust your cock deep into my wet aching pussy. I fully open up to you, offering you my flesh… offering you my deep femininity… offering *you* total control of my body and my sex.

[Hear me tell it here](

NSFW: yes

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