It’s a safe neighborhood. [F/M] [F20’s/M30’s] [NC, Rape, Invasion, Breeding, Short, Degradation]

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Quiet, wholesome. The type with white picket fences, smiles and an empty road.

You’ve at all times lived here. Friendly faces and neighbors. Anyone would be eager to help you with anything in a flash.

It’s so easy to feel safe. To get complacent.

This place has preserved your innocence. But while you have been, someone has been watching you.

The front door is sometimes ajar. Your curtains slightly open when you change. Your windows invitingly wide open. You sunbathe in your front yard. After all, that’s the side that gets the best sun.

The wondered never crossed your mind that someone could be watching. His frustration growing. His lust building to a fever.

You’re lounging in your underwear again. Headphones on. Oblivious. The curtains parted for all to see. Why wouldn’t you? It’s warm tonight.

He sees you again. In open view. Showing off.

***Asking for it.***

He snaps.

The gravel on the driveway crunches.

You never keep your door locked. After all, why would you? He pushes it open with ease.

A sound from downstairs. Maybe someones dropping something off? Must be nothing. It at all times is.

The stairs creak. Probably the neighbors cat or something.

Your bedroom door swings open.

You lazily start to turn your head, *who’s come to visit?*

He doesn’t give you the chance. He’s *far* too angry for that.

A strong hand clamps over your mouth, as his other arm wraps tightly around your waist, forcing your neck straight, the air out of your lungs.

*”You’re a little slut you know that?”*

There’s no time to answer.

Still paralysed from confusion, he roughly tosses you like a doll face down onto your bed, pushing your head down with one hand, and tearing away your underwear with another.

***”This is what you get you teasing little whore.”***

He violently forces you aside, pulling your hair back and claiming you from behind, pinning you with his weight.

Your head is still spinning when he begins to pound away at you hatefully, growling into your ear as he does.

*”You deserve this. Slut.”*

*”This is what you get for showing off.”*

*”Don’t even try and get away you little cunt.”*

*”You’re so asking for it.”*

*”Stupid bitch.”*


Your screams from his forced entry and your confused struggles are muffled by his hands and the walls of the house, no-one is coming to help you.

He’s claimed you at your most vulnerable, there’s nothing you can do. Nowhere to go. Trapped in your sanctuary.

***Why are you getting so wet?***

Your screams slacken, you’re so weak for him now. Just the rythmic sound of your soaking, submissive, claimed cunt being violated over and over.

He’s noticed. ***He knew he was right about you.***

*”Can you feel how wet you are for this? I knew you were a little slut.”*

*”You must have known this would have happened eventually. Silly girl.”*

*”I’m going to fill you so much. I know that’s what you really want.”*

*”Oh do you like being a little cumdump? Such a good slut.”*

*”This is what you get for teasing men. You know you deserve this.”*

*”It’s ok my little slut, It’ll be over soon, I’m nearly finished using you.”*

***”Such a good girl.”***

He’s gonna claim you for hours. Violating you over and over. Payback for all the times you’ve been teasing him.

You’ll be a broken, soaking mess by the time he’s finished using you.

Even when a small whimper or pathetic scream escapes your lips, no-one will investigate.

*”It must be nothing.”* they’ll think.

*”Things like* ***that*** *don’t happen around here.”*

After all.

**It’s a safe neighborhood.**

NSFW: yes

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