It was so amazing that he fucked me so hard.

We met at a social event where alcohol was involved. My first wondered was that he was a bit of a jerk and full of himself. I wondered he would be a good fuck but not much else. I later discovered that while I was wrong about thinking there was nothing more to him, I was very right about everything else. While we didn’t hookup until two months later, I still felt attracted to him. We were both mutually flirting over those two months, but I still wasn’t sure how he felt. As I got to know him more, I discovered that there was a mutual interest in each other and I became really giggly.

I wanted to continue interacting with him, so I offered to help him with a research project he was assigned. I sent him an update over email, asking if we could meet up next time he was in town. I was presenting at a conference that weekend in the city he grew up in. One thing led to another and I gave him my number. We were both going out for dinner with friends and agreed to meet up later. Honestly, I didn’t expect to hook up until I got the message “what were you thinking, did you want to hook up.” We met back at my hotel, and because I was rooming with a friend, I stepped out. He picked me up in his car and we went behind the hotel. I told him I really wanted you to fucked me so badly.

We started making out in the front of his car. After a couple of minutes, we undressed and moved to the back. It was so amazing that he fucked me so hard. I bent over as he slammed me until i squirt, I suck his dick until he came at my mouth. I enjoyed what he was doing and lived in the moment. He was super kind before and after our encounter, and overall, I was really happy. He was an amazing guy,he was gentle yet aggressive and eager to take charge. Afterward, we sat there talking about our interests, what we were doing, stuff like that. He was the one that ended it because he had to leave the city at 5 am. We both got dressed and he drove me around to the front. We made out one last time before I went in, and looking back now, I realized that was a goodbye kiss. And we never see each other again.

NSFW: yes

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