it finally happened, but not what I expected

So most of you know I been fucking my buddy’s girlfriend when she has time to come over.

Well this past Friday morning was one of those days. Sitting around watching porn as usual my door bell rings about 8 am and I have now clue who it might be. I get up and answer the door and my buddy’s gf and 18 year old daughter were standing there.

With tears in her eyes she said I need to talk and I let them both in. They sit down and she proceeds to tell me that my buddy wants her to leave cause he is seeing someone else. I told her technically you are to.

She smirked and said but he doesn’t know, and I cannot tell him. I told her I’m glad you cannot. On that note she starts telling me her daughter just turned 18 and has never been with a man before and she has all the time been attracted to me when we all hung out. So I was like ok and this is where it gets interesting.

She kneels down in front of me and pulls my cock out of my shorts and tells her daughter to watch carefully. She slowly licks my cock up and down and sucks on my balls. I’m so turned on I begin leaking pre cum immediately. She licks up my pre cum and shoves my cock down her throat, after a few minutes of doing this she looks at her daughter and says “your turn”. Her daughter gets on her knees in front of me and mom takes my cock and pushes her head down on it, daughter starts to gag but is taking it like a champ.

I lay down on the floor and mom tells her to keep sucking my cock as she undressed and then sat on my face facing her daughter. I licked that sweet Latin pussy as I felt her warm hot juices flow. Her and her daughter took turns sucking my cock while I ate mom’s pussy, then mom told her to get undressed and she did. I paused for a moment to ask mom you sure you want her to fuck me. Mom Said yes , I trust you and she likes you, so I said ok and buried my face in mom’s pussy and I then felt this wet , tight little pussy slowly squatting on my cock. It was so tight and I heard her moan and tell her mom it hurts but she continues to sitbon it and thrust her hips back and forth.

After about 15 minutes or so of doing this I got up and told them both to go in the bedroom and get in doggy position. They both did as I instructed and I came in behind them, I I kneeled down and started eating daughters as and pussy from behind as she moaned and enjoyed it being her first time, I then switched over to mom and did the same till she orgasmed. I got up and stuck my hard cock in mom while I finger daughters pussy. Both began maoning and I didn’t know how much longer I would last, so I pulled out of mom and stuck my cock wet with mom’s pussy on it inside daughter, it was so tight I only was able to get a few strokes in as I grabbed her fat ass and filled her virgin pussy with my cum. I fell over between them and we cuddled for a bit as they both were playing with my cock and nuts

I told them as much as i would like to all day i get up and get going but feel free to come over together or alone, i would take care of both.

NSFW: yes

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