It felt like I (F21) was in Heaven.

Over the last few days, my best friends, Hannah (F22), Hailey (F22), and Morgan (F21) hung out with a few friends of ours in one of the guy friend’s Hollywood Hills mansion. The guys are named Kendrick (M29), Andre (M26), Dash (M27), and Nico (M27). We were hanging out at Kendrick’s mansion. The whole time we were there, we were swimming in the pool, going clubbing, or having sex. Before I continue, Marshawn (M23) from my MLK and first black guy stories is now deployed in Colorado for the US ARMY. He was deployed here in San Diego. I’m still stationed in SD for the US NAVY.

I’m gonna tell the best sex I had in the last few days. This was yesterday afternoon. I was sunbathing poolside with my favorite bikini on. I had my hair in a bun. I needed to put on sunscreen. I guy I haven’t fucked at that point, Dash, was on the other side of the pool. We were smirking at each other. I used my finger to call him to me. When he got over to me, I told him that I needed sunscreen applied onto me. When he was, I was calling him “Daddy”.

He took my hand and brought me to his room. We were making out while we were walking into the room. He took my bikini off and pushed me onto the bed. I scooted back for me to put my head on the pillow. He ate me out. After I came the second time, he went to his knees and I sat up. We made out and took his shorts off. He laid down and I gave him head. His dick is literally the biggest I’ve seen. I struggled to put it in my mouth.

I started to ride him. He made me come so much. His dick fell out a couple times. Dash put me on my back and started to have his way with me. I was gasping for air. I squirted on him when he pulled out. He made me to lick it off of him. I went to all fours to give him head. He started to face fuck me. When he was done, he went behind me and continued to have his way. He was pulling on my hair, spanking me, and told me that I’m a bad girl. I squirted all over the bed. He came on my back within a minute or two after I squirted.

I think while Marshawn’s gone, when I need dick, I’ll just ask Dash.

NSFW: yes

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