Is it me or him?

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NSFW: yes

My partner M(27) and I F(21) have been together a few months now and it’s been amazing. Every part of our relationship is “perfect” except for one thing. He says he can only cum from a blowjob & at first it wasn’t a issue but now it almost makes me feel like he is kinda selfish. He doesn’t perform oral on me but will have sex with me. But it’s almost all the time expected after sex for him to receive a blowjob which can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes and becomes very unenjoyable for me. Mind you the sex is great but knowing that I have to give him a bj afterwards makes me wonder if he even likes having sex or just does it thinking it’s his end of a “favor.” I can also count so many times where I’ve done this for him and didn’t expect anything back but that’s never the case the other way around, if he is participating in sex, he all the time expects a blowjob. Is it me or him? I don’t know how to fix or help this problem but it bothers me every time we try to be intimate.


  1. cheif20

    Ask him to go down on you and see what his response is, if he is willing to he may have thought you didn’t like it, or thought you were happy with how things are.
    If he is not willing to he’s being selfish and doesn’t care how you feel during sex. And you should probably dump his ass and find someone who will take care of all your needs.

    This happened to me and my gf I used to go down on her ever time we had sex until one day I asked why she never gave me a bj. She was sorry and gave me a bj.

  2. Toes14

    It’s him. He should at least reciprocate for you. Any guy that doesn’t is selfish. The fact that he can’t get off except via BJ seems really wrong for a 21 y.o. male too.

    Make him go to a doctor for that. Make him give you oral. If he refuses, move on to someone new.

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