Introducing my shy girlfriend to kink

We are lying in bed laughing, kissing, cuddling after a wonderful night at our friend’s birthday party. We’ve been drinking and dancing all night, hanging out with your old friends from college.

All of a sudden your eyes drift absentmindedly.

Me: “What’s up, it looks like you just went elsewhere for a moment?”

You: “Oh, it’s nothing. I was just thinking about a conversation I had with Anne about her and Peter.” You suppress a giggle as your cheeks blush.

Me: “What about it? Sounds interesting”

You: “He has asked her… Oh I don’t know how to say it… Promise me you won’t tell anyone!

Me: “I promise! Now, out with it!”

You: “He has asked her to give him a spanking!”, you blurt out laughing.

Me: “Hey, good for them! I didn’t peck Peter as the type, but it’s cool he has the courage to embrace it.”

You grow quiet for a while.

You: “I really like that you don’t make fun of him for it, and now I’m ashamed that I did. You are right, it’s a good thing that he told Anne about it. You know, if you told me something like that, I would never tell my girlfriends. You do know you can tell me anything, right?”

My mind freeze. I cannot let a moment like this go to waste, but how far do I dare to go? I’ve slept around a bunch before we met, and have had a lot of opportunities to explore my kinks and sexuality, but you are so innocent and naive… and I really care about you, I don’t want to scare you away.

Me: “Well as you know, I do have some kinks…”

You blush. I have already pushed your limits with some of my suggestions. I have fingered your ass while I ate you out. I have made you watch me jack off to cum on your tits and “accidentally ” hit your face. I have made you taste your own pussy off my cock. All stuff that I considered fairly vanilla, but it was new to you.

You: “Yes, I know you are naughty… do you think spanking is sexy? Would you like me to spank you, like Peter wants Anne to do?”

This time it’s me laughing out loud.

Me: “Sorry babe, but you have it all wrong. There are spankers and spankees, and I am definitely the former.”

You blush again: “Does that make me a… spankee?”

Me: “If you want to be! I would love to put you over my knee for a spanking if you want to find out.”

I sit up as you crawl you way across my knees and begin wriggling you ass. I lift up your skirt, and give you a playfully slap across your ass. Is this for real, or are you just playing with me?

You: “Ouch! Why do people think this is sexy?”

I give your ass a good squeeze, and caress the slightly red skin where my hand hit you.

Me: “It’s about control, baby. Some of us like to be in charge, and it can be hot, and even surprisingly romantic, watching people do stuff that hurts or is humiliating just to please you.”

I give you another slap, this time a bit firmer. You jump in my lap, but this time your body seems to react differently. Instead of squirming away, you roll with the slap, and press your crotch against my lap.

You: “That’s…. Weird, but I think I understand what you mean.” Your voice is husky in a way I don’t recognize. I can smell your pussy now, and I know that I’ve made you wet.

Me: “Are you ready for your spanking baby? It seems like a fair punishment for laughing at Peter before.”

You: “Yes, that was not very nice of me… please do it, but not to hard, OK?”

Me: “Don’t worry baby, I know what I’m doing.” I gently brush my fingers against you wet panties, and notice how your whole body shakes from excitement under my light touch. “Let’s count to ten, alright? I’ve already hit you twice, and I’ll be nice and let you count them as well, if you promise to be sweet and count out nice and loud.”

I smack your ass hard this time, and you cry out loudly while biting down on your hand: “hmppppppgffff…. baby! Ow!”

Me: “…and if you forget to count out loud, I’ll have to start over, understood?”

You: “3!!! Sorry, sorry, I’ll be good now.”

I pull your panties apart, watching how you’ve gotten so wet they stick to your pussy, leaving strings of grool around my fingers. I gently insert 2 fingers from my right hand, and press them against your g-spot, while I ready my left hand for another slap.

SMACK! You buckle wildly against my fingers.

You: “4!!! Ouch baby please please please”


You: “5! Hmmmmmggggg”


You: “6! 6 baby, that’s 6… that’s 6….”


You have started sobbing, but you are still grinding your pussy against my fingers: “Seveeennn… baby it hurts but it feels good I think I’m going to cum…

Me: “Don’t cum unless I tell you to, or we are starting all over!”


You: “8!!! I’ll try not to come baby but I don’t know if I can.”


You: “9! Please please please can I come can I come can I…”

Me: “Come for me baby, let me see your red little ass come on my fingers!”

You uncoil like a coil and buck up, almost wringing my fingers out of joint, and we almost fall over as you orgasm in my lap.

We lie together for a while as you catch your breath. Suddenly your body twitch, as you realize you forgot something: “10! Sorry baby, that’s ten times now!” You are laughing and sobbing at the same time. “Please don’t start over, not right now, I can’t take anymore…”

I give you a long and gentle kiss.

Me: “Thank you so much for indulging me baby, you did so good. I am sure Peter would agree if had seen.”

You: “Stop it, I should never have told you… I feel so… embarrassed. No, that’s not the right word. I don’t know what I am feeling right now.”

Me: “Enjoy it, new feelings are always fun. You did enjoy the spanking, didn’t you? It wasn’t all for my sake?”

You: “I don’t know, I think I did. I didn’t like the pain, but I liked to let you do it to me… babe can I ask you something? Have you tried to… spank… someone before?”

I pondered your question for a short while. I knew it wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but I didn’t want to lie to you: “Yes I have. It’s something that has been a part of a few other relationships I’ve been in, and something I really enjoy. I guess I am a bit of a sadist.”

You: “Don’t say that, you are so nice. And you did make me cum as well”

Me: “No babe, you misunderstand me. I don’t consider being a sadist a bad thing. It’s a part of my sexuality I enjoy when I get to indulge in it. If anything, it’s actually sort of therapeutic. All the aggression I get to love out in the bedroom, I don’t have to carry around when I’m not horny.”

You: “I guess that sort of makes sense… but you didn’t get anything out of it, did you? Did you… touch yourself while you were spanking me?”

Me: “No, both of my hand were busy, remember? Anyways, it was great for me as well. But you are welcome to finish me off if you want to.”

I lie back and slide my boxers around my very hard cock, as you reposition yourself to a kneeling position next to me. You begin jacking me off slowly with your other hand on my thigh, but I can see your mind is elsewhere.

Me: “Hey babe, if you are all spent for tonight we can continue tomorrow instead. I know you have a few things to process, and it’s OK if we leave me for another time.”

You look at me with a serious face, and a dark tingle in your eyes that I don’t recognize, but discover very enticing.

You: “I want to take care of you as well babe, but I feel bad just giving you a handjob… what you just did to me feels… significant in some way. I want you to feel the same. I want you to feel something new. When we talked about spanking before, we talked about it as Peters kink, and you never got the chance to tell me if you had any secret desires.”

Wow, what is happening tonight? Did I leave the party with another girl than I brought to it? I feel like I’ve been dealt an amazing hand in a poker game, and now I am unsure whether to go all in or slowplay it.

Me: “I don’t really know what to ask you for… if it has to be new to me, it will probably be a little much for you. I don’t want you to think I am pervert, baby.”

You give me your cutest smile and a laugh, and give my shoulder a playfull punch: “I already know you are a pervert, and I have just found out that I maybe sometimes like to be spanked a little, so I am in a very forgiving mood for perversions. I judged Peter, and look what that got me”. You point at your ass, that now features bright red handprints on both cheeks.

OK, she is serious. What do I tell her? I would love to fuck her ass, but I’ve done that with other girls. I’ve had other girls eat my ass, I have cum on other girls faces, I have belt strapped, face fucked, roleplayed… but have I ever pissed on someone?

You: “Ha! I can see you thought of something! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush before!” You point at me triumphantly, not realizing the implications of my embarrassment.

Me: “Yeah I did babe, but I don’t know… fuck I can’t tell you, it’s too dirty. Give me a second to think of something else.”

You: “Noooo, baby please tell me. I don’t want to be the reason you don’t get to live out your fantasies. I’m afraid if you don’t tell me tonight, you’ll never tell me, and I really want to do something special for you right now.”

Me: “OK, here goes… you know how much I love pulling out and cumming on you when we fuck, right? There’s something so primal about marking you, and I really want to….”

You: “To cum on my face? I think I have seen that in a video once on my brother’s computer.”

Me: “Sure, that would be hot as fuck… but not what I was thinking about for tonight baby. Tonight I would really love to take you to the bathtub and piss on you.”

As soon as the words leave my mouth, I get a surge of adrenaline. Fuck, did I really just say that? What did I get myself into?

You look shocked. Do you look disgusted? I cannot tell.

You: “That’s… unexpected. Do people do that?”

Me: “That’s the beauty of a locked door babe, you can do whatever you want to behind it, and you don’t have to care about anyone else’s feelings about it.”

I lean into you, and pull you into my arms: “Is it too much? I won’t get mad if you bail on me.”

You: “No, it’s ok. I can do this. I want to do this for you.”

I grab you gently by your arm, and lead you to the bathroom next door. While you undress and crawl into the bathtub, I chug a large glass of water, and then another.

You laugh at me: “That’s very thoughtful baby, or do you just want to be sure you are ready to go?”

Me: “A bit of both. I don’t want this to be too disgusting for you, and I’m afraid I’ll have a hard time letting go with a hard on”. I point to my bulging boxers and you giggle.

As I approach the tub, you begin pulling down my boxer shorts. “So what you are saying is that I can delay this if I just keep you hard?” You grab my very erect member, and begin placing soft kisses around the tip.

Me: “That’s cut baby, but this is happening soon. I’ve been drinking all evening, and I really need to go soon.”

I notice how you’ve started playing with yourself again, your right hand circling your clit, and your left hand pinching your nipple. Your eyes are closed and your lips placing soft kisses up and down my now rock hard cock.

I pull away, and you look up at me anxiously.

Me: “It’s time baby, open your mouth for me.”

You: “Wait are you gonna aim for my mouth?! I thought you would just pee on my tits or something… you really are a pervert.”

Nevertheless, you open your mouth and push out your tongue. Your hand is working furiously between your legs.

Me: “Don’t cum before I’m done, OK? Now look up at me and tell me what’s about to happen.”

You struggle to make eye contact and you are blushing all over, your body an archipelago of red stains.

You: “You are going to pee on me” you stammer, your words distorted by your tongue sticking out.

Me: “I am going to piss on you where?”

You: “you are going to piss on my face”, you manage to blurt out.

At the same time, my waterworks open up, and I can feel a prickling feeling move through my groin.

Have you ever tried pissing with a hardon? Well of course you haven’t, but believe me, it’s the weirdest feeling. It’s almost like cumming continuously, but without the orgasm.

My piss is almost perfectly clear after the long night of drinking, and my stream is powerful as it hits your mouth awaiting. You spit and splutter, but manage to keep your posture and composure.

I lower my aim to your breasts, letting you adjust to the feeling.

You: “I can’t believe you made me do this, you are unbelievable!” You are giggling again, but with an expression balancing at a knife’s edge between a myriad of emotions.

Me: “Ready for the rest?”

You look up at me proudly, defiantly and open your mouth. “Do it baby, give it all to me!”

I direct my stream to your mouth, filling it with piss. It soon starts overflowing, but you withstand the urge to gag, letting it pool in your mouth and flow down your body in the bathtub.

After what feels like an eternity, and probably even longer to you, I finish off, shaking the final drops in the general direction of the pool of slightly yellow tinted piss you still hold in your mouth.

I notice your body shaking, and remember how I ordered you to withhold your orgasm.

Me: “You can cum when you want to baby, but keep it in your mouth like that. When you are ready to cum, I want you to swallow everything”

You hark, but manage not to spill more than a few drops. Your hand finds your pussy again, but this time you forego the clit, and begin fingering yourself with vengeance. I stroke my cock, matching my tempo to the sobbing sounds from the fingers working in your dripping wet cunt.

At this point I am out of myself with lust, and it doesn’t take long for me to approach orgasm. I move closer, taking aim for your piss filled mouth and face.

Me: “Cum for me baby! Cum for me NOW!” I shout, as I begin shooting my hot cum across your face. You gargle, making a sound like a dying animal. As you close your mouth and swallow the mixture of cum and piss, you fall over on your side, your legs shaking in spasms from your own orgasm.

I wash you carefully in the shower, and afterwards I wrap you in my softest towel and take you to bed. We cuddle up for a long time without talking, but also without drifting into sleep. It feels like a moment beyond time.

You finally break the silence: “You know what the weirdest thing about all that was?” I wait for her to answer her own question.

“The weirdest thing was, that I think I really liked it.”

NSFW: yes

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