Introduced my(26m) best friend(30f) to french saunas- Part:1

I studied in France for couple of years few years. I tried everything when I am there. I am bisexual and enjoyed with both guys and girls. But most I enjoyed was gonna saunas (both straight and gay) and enjoying sex with random strangers.

Coming to present, I have best friend. We live together in same flat. She is both cute and hot. But right from I met her she at all times had a boyfriend. So never got to ask her out. But we became very close over the years. She even talks about her sexual encountets openly to me. During one such discussions I also mentioned how I explored everything in France, how saunas there work and how I had sex with random strangers and was involved in orgies etc. She was fascinated by all of it but never discussed it afterwards.

Recently she broke up with her long term boyfriend and she is very depressed too. So to take her mindoff things I said lets plan a vacation for some 10days. She agreed. We generally go to near by places in India only but none of the places in India excited her. She then suggested lets go to Europe. She even offered to pay for my tickets as she got big bonus recently doesn’t mind spending it. So immediately agreed. I said lets plan for Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona as these place I visited and I know these places. So we decide and booked tickets.

The night before we leave for Amsterdam she messaged me saying she want to try saunas like I did if I am okay with it. I am really surprised. I never wondered she would be that kind a girl. I excitedly said ok. And we left for Amsterdam. We reached there late in night and just took rest. I again enquired if she is really up for it and she said she is nervous but she is ready as I will be there. I asked her what does she want and if she wants me to be there and she fucks other guys or can I also fuck her. She blushed and kissed my cheek and said “let see what happens tomorrow” and slept. That excited me a lot. I just went near her spooned her and slept.

Next morning we got ready and took her to my favourite sauna place. We somked some weed and went it to take pressure off. We entered paid for the couple. It was dark, she looked nervous but also excited. So we went to lockers and ask her to get undressed as only towels are allowed inside. She felt shy but I reassured it will be okay and she will enjoy. To make her feel less shy I first undressed. Just standing there naked in front of her made my dick stand up. She looked me up and down and smiled. I went near her and started to take her t-shirt off she lifted her arms and let me take off her t-shirt. She is standing in front of me with a sexy black bra. I wasted no time and unhooked the bra and let her perfect boobs out. She then wasted no time and took of her jeans and panties. She isn’t clean shaved but there is just bit of her. I took her closely and kissed her. Asked her to wrap her self in towel and took her inside. Since it pretty early not lot of people are there. First we went to bar and ordered some shots and took it. And took her inside of pool. There is one couple who looked like they are in late thirties and couple of uncles there. We entered and all of them scanned us and greeted. We went and sat beside the couple. I made my friend sit in front of me and wrapped my hand arround her waist. We chatted with the couple for sometime and meanwhile I slowly played with her breasts. We got to know they are from Spain and are in open marriage and like to visit places like these once in a while. They asked us if we are interested in swapping. I asked my friend and she said yes. They said lets go to private rooms and we said okay and followed them. We both saw them for first time when they get down from the pool. The guy is 6ft tall couple more inches than me and is bit chubby. His dick is circumsized and maybe bit longer than mine. His wife is 5’6 pretty fit and her boobs are good size but bit saggy.

So we went to private room. We sat and my friend is nervous and is holding my hand. The guy ask if it is out first time. I said it is her first time but I visited these things before. The guy asked my friend to be free and took her hand and made her sit beside me. His wife the came sit beside me. I wasted no time, made her lay down started kissing and enjoying her breasts. She is responding beautifully and is a pretty good kisser. From edge of eye I also noticed that guy is also doing same thing to my friend. After kissing I slowly moved down and started licking her pussy. She enjoyed and said to my friend that she is very lucky that I am pretty good down there. Meanwhile my friend stated giving blowjob to that guy she looked too good in that position. I then asked my fuckbuddy to do same and she obliged. Now we both guys are laying beside each other and both of them are sucking on all fours. After enough sucking we both decide not to waste time and asked both of them to be in doggy position. We were condom and started fucking and we are fucking in such a way that both their moans synchronized. We enjoyed it. After a while I switched position and laid down and she started riding me. That guy also asked my friend to lay down beside me and started fucking. My friend held my hand and enjoy great fucking by moaning sexily. Her moaning along with great riding by that guys wife made be ejaculate first. And just give it back I again went back and started sucking her. That guy is still going strong and my friend cummed twice before he finished. I didn’t make his wife cum through intercouurse. But made her cum through by tongue. We all looked extremely satisfied. We both swapped our fuckbuddies and just laid down cuddling each other. I asked my friend if she enjoyed and she gave a big smile and kissed me. I took it as yes. We chatted for sometime. Exchanged numbers and they took off. My friend said she is hungry and said lets go and eat and comeback. So we took shower and went out.

To be continued…..

NSFW: yes

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