Interacting with the stranger watching me

Since the first time this guy was watching I been bringing a condom to maybe mess around with him, I have’nt seen him in a while but recently I found him. I gave him the condom and asked him if he was interested. He put it on and I also put one on and then he put his dick on mine and grabed both to stroke. I could smell his breath (it was bad) but I was so horny I didn’t care. I had came in my condom and turned around, I told him “don’t put it inside me” he didn’t but he jerked off and rubbed his cock in between my butt cheeks. He spanked a couple times and of course I moaned, he did some dirty talk calling me a fag and a slut which kept me horny. I turned around and got on the ground. He started jerking me off as well as himself. I came again and so did he.

NSFW: yes

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