intense torture (FM) – Short Sex Story

We were kidding in the kitchen, erotically teasing each other when the situation got hotter, his hand between my thighs made him feel the wet of my pussy and his erection it pressed against my thigh as I was pressed against him.
After a passionate kiss he asked me to wait for him, he came back a few moments later holding something in his hand, honestly I didn’t pay much attention to it.
He placed something on the counter behind me and started kissing me again, loosening the belt of my little dress and letting it fall to the ground; I was naked.
Slowly he pushed me against the big, huge wooden table, turned me over, forcing me to turn my back to him, and bent me forward. She kissed my back, stroking my skin, pressing my body to the cool surface of the table, my breasts squeezed – he aware of how hot this feeling was for me.
When I realized that I had a handcuff around my left wrist that kept me tied to the table leg, he was already locked on my right wrist as well.
“Babe…?” I moaned.
“Ssshhh, darling. Be quiet. I want to have fun with my sex toy, you”. He whispered, tucking my hair behind my ear.
He positioned himself behind me, his fingers stroking my thighs as he made me spread my legs. He went up to my pussy, testing the degree of humidity.
He came back close to my face “Open your mouth”, the smell of my fluids on his fingers was unequivocal. I sucked them.
Unexpectedly, a spanking made me jump.
“Good, darling, I like you hungry”. He took his fingers out of my mouth and used them to massage my red buttock.
I felt him fumbling with something behind me and then a vibration, he had one of my erotic toys in his hand.
He slowly began to slide it onto my thighs, the vibration was slow and light and with each movement the vibrator was getting closer and closer to my little pussy.
I realized it was the bar-shaped one with two small ears that stretch out to stimulate the clitoris. A little mouse, we might say.
When he placed it against my vulva, I was already shaking.
He pushed it away a few millimeters “Oh no, darling, not so fast”. A spanking.
Before a little moan could escape me, the vibrator was back against my tight pussy.
I was panting.
From then on it was exhausting. He continued to alternate spanking between my buttocks with the vibrator against my vulva – at increasing vibration speeds -, pausing for a few minutes each time I came dangerously close to my orgasm.
My pussy had started dripping down my inner thigh, my butt was fiery red, I didn’t even feel pain anymore but it burned a lot.
I think I started whining and begging after almost an hour. I was without strength, held in place only by the table and the handcuffs.
“Please, babe, stop” I repeated for the umpteenth time crying.
The following spanking was the strongest, it took my breath away and he took the moment to slide the vibrator into my pussy, placing his ears around my clit. The intensity of the voting was low again.
He moved sideways to me, placing himself level with my face.
In his hand he held the remote control that allowed him to manage the vibrator.
“What do you want, slut?” he asked scornfully.
“Please, please use me, babe” I almost screamed. I just wanted for that torture to end. I just wanted to release my orgasm, I would have done anything to have it.
“This is how I want to use you, watching you collapse under the pressure of your pleasure”. With each word, the vibration of the toy in my pussy increased.
Moaning, I watched as he released his hard cock, the glans soaked with precum.
I felt the orgasm grow and rise, it would only take a few moments… and again he had turned off the vibrator just before.
I held my breath and then burst into tears. He burst out laughing.
He approached again and placing his penis on my cheek began to collect my tears that mingled with his precum. I was panting again but still crying.
The vibrator firing in my vagina made me jump.
My face smelled of his cock that was covered in my tears, he pushed it against my lips, which parted immediately.
In an instant he was at the bottom of my throat, pushing; with each thrust, the vibration inside me increased a little.
When the vibration was at its maximum, his strokes went mad. I was no longer breathing because my nose was pressed against him pushing and pushing his cock into my throat as my pussy contracted rhythmically around the toy.
Orgasm overwhelmed me. I didn’t even notice that I was finally breathing again, he was a few steps away from me, he was watching me writhing and moaning, smiling.
When my body calmed down, shivering slightly only occasionally, he took the vibrator out of me, freed my wrists and lifted me up, lying on my back on the table.
I was totally helpless, in need of recovery, I was breathing heavily.
One of my breaths is interrupted by his cock penetrating me deeply, out of breath I open my eyes. My legs are on his shoulders and he fucks me intensely. He grunts and groans, I know he’s about to fill me with his cum. Just before, his cock comes out of me and he starts cumming on my bush.
Once he is finished with his breathing back to ordinary, he brings his face close to mine, saying “Now I want you to wear your black lace panties and get dressed because my friends are waiting for us for dinner. I want you all evening with my cum on you. I want you to feel it slowly slide towards your labia and soak your pussy. I want to watch you wondering if anyone can imagine what a slut you are” and kisses me.

NSFW: yes

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