Instructions – Short Sex Story

A few years ago, about 6 months after my divorce, I was at work one day when I was called into a meeting. There were several of my superiors and 3 very well-dressed businesspeople, 2 men and 1 woman. These three were consultants here to help our internal operations, especially in my area, inventory control.
The meeting ended, we stood, and I started to admire Bill, the lead consultant. He stood 6’-2”, handsome, curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and a short well-groomed beard surrounding his mouth. Even though he was wearing a suit, it was obvious to anyone that he was in very good shape.
“Sara……. Sara!” Someone said twice, snapping me back to reality from my admiring gaze. It was Bill talking to me! Ye, yes, sir er eh, Bill”. Damn that was not smooth nor professional I wondered to myself.
Bill continued as if he did not notice. “Sara, if I understand correctly, you lead the inventory management team?”

Yes, I do.

He moved over to me and firmly shook my hand while looking at me in my eyes. I look forward to working with you. Your team will be instrumental on us being able to complete our work. We stood out in the hallway and chatted a bit more. I got a glimpse of his left hand, and sure enough he was married. However, this fact did not stop my mind from wondering.
There was something about him though that turned me on. I went home and felt the need for a little fantasy inspired stress relief. I got completely naked, grabbed my wand vibrator, and laid on my back on my bed.

I started rubbing my breasts and nipples thinking of Bill’s hands on them. I felt my arousal quickly escalate in my hardening nipples and tingle between my legs. I imaged Bill pinching my nipples as I very unsatisfyingly pinched them myself. My hands slid down my tummy and arrived at my now moist flower. I rubbed all over my pubes, vulva and labia imagining Bill fingering me. My right hand started to move towards my now very hard clit. I imaged Bill going down on me licking me.
“Oh Bill!” I started to moan out loud. I needed more.

I grabbed the vibe, switched in on, and replaced my hand with the vibrator. With my left hand I slowly inserted two fingers into me. I was imagining Bill’s rock-hard cock entering me. “Yes, Bill fuck me!” I moaned loudly. I imagined that handsome hunk on top of me fucking the hell out of me.

I was now lost in my fantasy, my fingers moving in and out and the vibrations radiating through my clit. My desire for release increased as I screamed even louder, “Fuck me Bill! “Fill me with your cum, “BILL FUCK MEEEEE! I yelled at the top of my lungs at the onset of my orgasm. I furiously fucked myself with my two middle fingers and pressed the vibe hard against my clit as wave after wave of pleasure convulsed through me. It was an intense orgasm that lasted longer than usual.

As my orgasm subsided, I took the wand off but laid there with my fingers still in my pussy imagining Bill laying on top of me after he filled me with his cum and dick in me. I slowly pulled my fingers out and curled up for a little rest. I was still breathing heavily when I heard someone downstairs. Shit, I think Michelle is home early.

I continued my rest a big figuring I was not gonna change anything. Eventually I got up, washed off where I needed to, then I put on a t-shirt and sweatpants. I got into the kitchen and Michelle was making dinner.

She looked at me with a knowing smile. “So, who is Bill? “Will he be joining us for Dinner?”

The next six weeks passed quickly. I enjoyed my time working with the consultants, especially Bill. I did notice, however, Bill going out of his way to make sure my input was solicited by his team.

Finally phase 1 was coming a close and Bill’s team scheduled a dinner to celebrate. Since we were going out to a nice place for dinner, I had an excuse to dress up. Fortunately, I had the perfect dress; a dark teal, cocktail-length dress, that formed my silhouette. It was sleeveless and came up to the neck with a keyhole that gave a nice peek into my cleavage. It was sexy but appropriate for work.

Surprisingly the day went by fast. We went out to a local steakhouse and just happened that Bill sat across from me. Although Bill worked the table, he made sure he spent a fair amount of time chatting with me. His attention was flattering and really made me feel good about myself (something I needed).

As everyone was leaving Bill leaned over and whispered in my ear that he was going over to the Irish pub next door if I wanted to join him. This was something I was not gonna turn down. I said sure, expecting that we were gonna be there with others. However, when I got there, he the only two from our dinner group (that did not disappoint me).

In this half-filled bar we got a small table and ordered a couple of drinks. We started talking work and then it went to him saying how delightful it was to work with me. He mentioned that surveys were completed, and my team followed the given instructions to a “T”, making his team’s life a lot easier. He continued and said I really was a bright part of the consulting engagement. I knew where this was going and really did not want it to stop.

In my mind, he being married meant no relationship and made me feel quite naughty being the other girl. Both were pluses for me.

As our conversation continued, it moved into sexual innuendo and seduction. I took every opportunity to lean forward, giving him a few of my 38dd through the keyhole of my dress. This was obviously distracting him as I noticed his eyes drop and that he lost his train of wondered a few times.

Bill then addressed the elephant in the room. “Geeze Sara, you are killing me with those views of your cleavage. Is that intentional?”

Knowing that I wanted something to happen and feeling confident, I shook my head yes, with a mischievous looking grin.

Bill proclaimed, “Sara, you are one hell of a that I was naughty little girl.”

“Sara since you were so good at following instructions at work, let’s see how good you are at following them now.”

“Ooh, that sounds fun,” I replied.”

Bill then gave me the first few instructions. “Stand up, bend over the table towards me, slowly pick the cherry out my drink glass, put the stem between your lips letting the cherry hang outside your lips, and then sit back down.

I proceeded to following his instructions. I secured the cherry by the stem between my lips and then sat back down. I looked at him for more instructions.

He said “just sit that way for a few minutes”. I felt sort of silly, sitting with the cherry hanging out of my mouth. After a minute or so, two women walked past and looked right at me making eye contact. I looked away embarrassed and felt a warm blush come over my face. I distinctly heard one of the girls say, “She looks like she is having fun tonight!”

I looked back at Bill for instruction. He said, “Now without using your hands, eat the cherry.” He smiled as he struggled to suck the cherry into my mouth without losing it. His gaze was focused on my lips as I sucked and made the cherry disappear through my lips. Once the cherry was in my mouth, I made quick work of it, separating the stem from the cherry, eating the cherry, and then pulling the stem from my lips.

“Very good Sara,” he complimented me with a big smile.

I now had to go to the bathroom and as I excused myself Bill gave some more instruction. Told me to come back panty-less. This was music to my ears as I love going out without panties.

I came back from the bathroom with my panties stuffed in my purse. I sat down and he asked what I did with my panties.

“They are in my purse”.

“Ok the next set of instructions,” He said. First take off your heels, then take the panties and put them in your toes and pass them to me. I loved these instructions. It made me feel so bad.
I did as instructed and as I lifted my foot I felt his hands take it. “Leave it up here,” he said. Bill took the panties and let them drop to the floor. One hand held my foot at the heel and then a finger from his other hand began lightly tracing the underside of my foot. This caused my eyes to roll back as he teased my erogenous zone with his light touch. The tingling sensation went all the way through me as he teased the nerve endings on the bottom of my foot.

All I could think about was Bill and my desire to get naked with him.

He had me switch feet and proceeded to tease the underside of the other foot. This was getting to be all too much and had me where he wanted (and where I wanted to be too!)

He gently freed my foot from his hand and instructed me to put on my shoes. He paid the check then we left. On the way out, one of the 2 girls that saw me with the cherry hanging out of my lips said “Bye” winking at me with a knowing smile.

We walked hand in hand to the parking garage. I knew Bill was gonna have to go home to his family, so I was a bit concerned this wonderful night might not have a happy ending.

When we got to the parking garage, he said let’s take the steps. When the stairwell door closed, he passionately pulled me to him, and we started to make out like teenagers. His hands were all over my body even pulling up my dress so he could squeeze and carcass my naked butt. We heard some talking and realized this might not be the best place. We climbed up 3 flights of stairs to the top level. He took me again into his arms and we resumed our make out session.

I was now the bold one, and I whispered to Bill, “Give me instructions on how to suck your cock The expression on Bill’s face was priceless. He loved what I said.

“Sara, you are one fucking hot girl. “I will definitely give you the instructions you desire!”

“First, I need you to get ready. “I have been wanting to see those magnificent tits all night. “Pull them out so I can fondle them.”

Now, my dress did not easily allow for my 38dd breasts to be easily pulled out. I had to have Bill unzip my dress halfway and then pull it down over my breasts. Then I took my bra off and let it drop to the stairwell floor.

Bill had an approving smile on his face as he played with boobs and nipples. I loved the attention and he had me breathing heavy in no time.

“Now I want to see your pussy, Sara”

Bill instructed me to just stand in front of him, then he lifted the front of my dress. “What a beautiful kitty. “Sara, love how you have it neatly groomed.” “Simply beautiful.”

Now I want you to finger it while I watch. He held up my dress and watched as I started to rub my labia and clit.
“Now Sara, put your two middle fingers in your pussy and let me see you finger fuck yourself.”

I did as instructed. My fingers easily slid into my very wet pussy. I looked at his eyes, staring at me pleasuring myself.

After just a few seconds of fingering he said. “Now, pull out your wet fingers and slowly bring them to your mouth. Pretend your fingers are my dick and show me how you would suck me.”

The sensualness combined with the bold sexual attitude really had me in his control. I deliberately kissed my fingers and then licked just the tips of my fingers. I opened my mouth wide and slowly slid them over my tongue and deep into my mouth. I closed my lips around the fingers and sucked hard making a slurping noise as I pulled them from my lips. This was just too much for Bill.

He said. “On your knees Sara, “You may want to use the bra as a knee pad on this concrete floor.” He instructed me to unzip his suit pants and pull his pants and underwear down. This freed his rock-hard cock.

Bill then proceeded to give me more detailed instructions. “Kiss the cock up and down. “Gently suck each ball into your mouth and lick it.”

Finally, he had me put it into my mouth and suck it. While I was sucking him, he told me to finger myself and that I needed to cum before he did.

“When you cum Sara, keep my cock in your mouth. “I want to feel you moan on my cock when you orgasm.”

I was quite turned on by this task and quickly started to masturbate. Sucking him while masturbating was new to me, but very erotic. Bill was staring down at me and saw that I was getting close.

“Stay on my dick, Sara,” His talking got to me as well as the rest of the evening and my orgasm took over. I was gasping for air around his cock and spasming with pleasure. The orgasm was incredible.

As I started to recover Bill said he needed to cum. He put a hand on my head and told me to suck him, make him cum, and swallow his load.

I worked him in and out of my mouth then used my hand to help stroke his shaft as I blew him. “Fuck Sara, you are doing great. “Your mouth feels so great! “I’m cumming you bitch!” he proclaimed and pushed deep into my mouth, filling my mouth with his cream. I kept sucking until he pulled out, then I swallowed.

“You were awesome tonight, Sara!” Bill explained. “Thanks for playing my perverted game.” He started to pull up his pants and looked at me and said aren’t you getting dressed? You did not tell me to get dressed.” I said with a smile.

“Sara, you are fucking hot. “The game is over now you can get dressed. “You definitely proved you like following instructions tonight.”

My bra was not really serviceable after being used as a knee pad, so I just pulled up my dress and went home braless and panty-less. When I got in the door, my roommate Michelle was curled up watching a movie. She looked up as I entered, and her eyes lit up! “Wow, are you ok? “Hope you had fun!” I sat next to her and told her about my evening.

NSFW: yes

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