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I have been absolutely insatiable sexually for the last 2 weeks. I have masturbated countless times, becoming sopping wet. I’m constantly browsing porn sites and devouring stories on reddit. The issue is, I have no one to help me with this. I want a new FWB. A safe, respectful, decent and knowledgeable person to come slut me out and please me. Take pleasure in giving in to my needs. He doesn’t need to be a bf or have deep romantic feelings but I want to feel mutually engaged in the ecstacy. It would of course be nice for the feelings of appreciation and getting my ass rubbed afterwards, cuddling and laying around in the goodness together. I’m at a crossroad. I KNOW it will take these exact things to meet this need. I have had sessions centered around only cumming and leaving that was fine and fulfilled the need of that time, but now, I want a passionate FWB to bury me in the sheets and leave me totally exhausted with a kiss on the cheek. Is this far fetched?

This is a real wondered. Not an open invite for people to inbox me to fulfill their need to type scenarios in my inbox for their pleasure.

NSFW: yes

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