(Indian) I (M27) fucked my neighbor Aunty(F45) in her home


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My neighbor aunty (Rekha) lives alone in her home as her husband works abroad. We are very close. Sometimes when she feels unsafe I go to her home to sleep. It was regular for us. One day I smoked weed & became very high & horny, I went to her home, ate and went to sleep. We used to sleep on same bed. Seeing her Tits, Navel, hipFolds while she’s sleeping made my cock rock hard & I pulled it out of my pants. When she turned other side & her Ass man! Aaahh heavenly. I stated rubbing my cock on her Ass, slid my right hand into her blouse slowly & started rubbing her nipples.
In the morning when she woke, she was top-naked, she was shocked & then she saw my erected long cock standing straight to her face. She tried touching it, when she touched it aaahh my cock became even harder. She tried her face near to my cock head, when she opened her mouth to take it in, I forced my cock deep down her throat and started throat fucking her suddenly. I fucked her for 20 minutes rough. I turned her around, slide her oanty & started licking her fresh morning asshole raw 🤤 forcing my tongue deep into her tight asshole made her moan loudly aaahh it was heavenly 💦 then I forced my cock into her asshole and fucked mercilessly without any lube for 10 minutes and I came in her mouth. She was saying that it smells, so I came deep into her mouth making her swallow everything.
Next day I came inside her cunt and impregnated her. Her husband doesn’t know about this.
(Their are more, happens things- tell me if h guys interested to know)

NSFW: yes

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