Incubus Dream… Perhaps

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-I had quite the dream last night. It’s a shame I’m forgetting it as I write this, haha.-

I could feel hands roaming all over my body, paying special attention to my hard nipples, pinching, and twisting them as I let out a quiet moan. His tongue slowing drawing across one breast and sucking in an almost desperate manner as he fondled the other. He travelled down my body, leaving kisses along the way only to stop at my panties – pink, lacy, and soaking wet.
I cupped his face, and he looked up at me with soft eyes and smiled gently. I was barely awake as he continued to caress my body.
“I see my princess is finally awake,” his voice was gentle and calming, I could tell that he hadn’t been awake that much longer than me. “Well, can I have my good morning kiss?” As if he wasn’t just kissing all over me two seconds ago. “I know what you’re thinking, but those don’t count.” I laughed and stretched out my arms, inviting him into a warm embrace to which he quickly accepted. His weight was crushing yet stranfely comforting as he lay on top of me. He kissed my forehead, eyelids, and cheeks. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him in closer, kissing him, taking in as much of him as I could in my sleepy state.
His hands moved to my panties as he expertly untied them without even parting our lips. He gave me one last peck before he began kissing my inner thigh as he held my hips. I could¬† help arching as I urged him to kiss pussy. “Mmm, does my princess want something?use your words, dear.” God, I hate the smirk on his face right now, but I relented “please sir I want you to eat my pussy”
“How could I refuse my puppy when she’s asking so nicely” his tongue began sliding between my lips causing a shiver to run down my spine as I arched my back even more.
“Thank you, sir. Please don’t stop. I want you to devour me.”
I could his lips forming a smirk as he continued to devour me whole. I wanted to hold back the embarrassing noises that left my mouth, but I know he’d be disappointed with me.
“Good, girl, you know how much I love hearing your pretty voice.”
His tongue entered my pussy and I could already feel my self shaking I was so close.
Tears began streaming down my face. I was so sensitive but desperately wanted more of him.
“Cum for me puppy I know you’re close”
“Yes sir” I couldn’t stop my body from shaking uncontrollably as I came, my moans grew louder as I became a sobbing mess.
“You did so well for me, princess.” Gently kissing my forhead as I buried myself in his arms. Embarrassed by the state of myself, soaking his sweater with my tears.

-I’m sure an incubus visited my dreams last night.-

NSFW: yes