In Trouble With Daddy – Short Sex Story

My face is still burning when I leave the message for Daddy. It’s been awhile since the idea occurred and I hadn’t even bought the panties til yesterday. Now this. “Uh, Houston,  we may have a problem.”

Eventually, he responds. “Good morning, princess. A problem you say?”

I can not bring myself to just come right out and say it. “You might not want these now.. omfg..”

“A little bit of an extra mess you weren’t expecting maybe?”

“Yeah. So embarrassing.” I don’t even want to have this conversation.  I just want him to know why it’s taking so long.

Daddy’s messaging from work so some of his responses take longer than others, drawing out this humiliating conversation. “Is it a lot a lot or a few spots? Did you start today?”

Crap. Maybe I do have to be straightforward. “No, Daddy- not that.”

“Ooo…I see…that embarrassed you, huh?” Something about his response, not exactly teasing.. but Daddy wants all the details. Him putting me on the spot at all times does something to me.

“Here you’ve been waiting..Shit, shit, shit.” Honestly, I’m a little worried he’ll think I never intended to send him the panties anyway. But I’m kind of hoping by this point that maybe..

“Oh I’ve been waiting for sure. Are you willing to show your daddy what you did, princess?”

He might know what I mean by now. Doesn’t seem put off or put out.. I send him a picture with the caption: I squirted a little.

“I can’t wait to see a little more detail when we get some light. You said you squirted a little? When, princess?”

“It happened twice, the first time when I was using the rabbit and then just a few minutes ago.” Except when the rabbit was inside me, it was Daddy’s cock. 

“Mmhmm. Starting early, I see. Did you keep your panties on both times?”

“Yes Daddy. I’m sorry. I’ve been up since 2:30.” But I don’t think “starting early” was a reference to time of day. 

“It’s ok, love. Daddy is proud of you. You must be exhausted though.” 

My head swims a bit. I let out breath I didn’t know I was holding. “You’re not upset?”

“Upset about what, princess?” We obviously find out each other now but I need him to say it. I need to be sure.

“That I have to start over?”

“Who said anything about starting over? Your [Daddy] surely didn’t.”


“That’s right, baby. We might need to talk about it in a little more detail about our arrangements and what your daddy is looking for. You think you have enough for me to call today at some point?” My nipples go hard. I’m gonna hear Daddy giving me commands.

Minutes later and I hear Daddy’s voice for the first time. A fly on the wall would have noticed the disparity: his voice cool and nonchalant a counterpoint to my breathy moans.

NSFW: yes

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