In the back of a bar [FF] [d/s] – Short Sex Story

Her fingers wound in Ryeya’s hair, twirling the once sleek up do into a mess of tangles and confusion.

Ryeya gave little wondered to the mop on her head as she ate hungrily between Sami’s legs. Sprigs of hair speckled the thighs, guiding the weary traveler to the bushy mound nuzzled within.

“Mmmngh,” Sami moaned, toes curling into the air.

Ryeya glanced up to see only the whites of eyeballs. Clearly her performance was admirable, heroic even, as her conquest’s eyes rolled into the cavern of her skull.
For a moment she pulled back, just to reposition and allow her fingers entry.

“No,” the oozing damsel protested, tugging at Ryeya’s hair as though it was the bridle of a horse. “Don’t stop.”

Ryeya smirked, amused at this plaything thinking she was in any way in control. But she nodded, playing along, playing nice.

“Shh honey,” she soothed. Her palm cupped the plump sphere of Sami’s buttocks, fingers searching and nipping at the sweet dripping folds just above. “I’m nowhere near done.”

The shudder that ran from the top of Sami’s head, through her core, down to her curling toes set Ryeya’s soul alight. It was the smoke before the flame and she was willing to stoke the coals.

NSFW: yes

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