in my friend’s bathroom with her friend

My first one night stand of the year and it was last night

Yesterday my friend invited us to her house to a party for her 25th birthday, we were only her friends from college but she also had invited her co-workers, one of them was very…fun, she sang songs about sex at the top of her lungs and she was very sexy, she was wearing a pink crop top and white shorts whose fabric was so thin that it made the lines of her underwear show through.

When everyone was dancing I took benefit and invited her to dance and then I continued talking with her and I immediately realized that she was very direct and “sex positive” since the first thing she said was to make a sexual joke and while we were talking she told me that she ended with her boyfriend recently beacuse she found him with another, she even said “he was a fucking idiot but he was a good fuck” and I replied “my ex would say the same about me except for the first part haha” and we got along well

Later I saw her talking with my friend (the birthday girl) and I noticed that from time to time they looked at me, I didn’t think anything bad since my friend knows me and we have been friends for years.

Then they all went on the dance floor and put on something called “crazy hour” which is a mix of dance music that lasts for a whole hour, and she grabbed my arm and took me to the bathroom, she asked me if I had condoms and I told her honestly no because I didn’t think I would do anything last night, but she took some out of her bag, pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick, I haven’t done anything for a while so I felt so good, she put the condom on me and we started to make out, I raised her leg and leaned her against the bathroom wall, I kissed her neck and with my hand I played with her pussy to make it wetter, and I put my cock in her and we did it right there in the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and she rode me right there while my tongue sucked on her tits, she was moaning but because of the music we hoped no one would listen, and we came right there, before leaving the bathroom she very honestly told me that even though it was delicious she didn’t want a relationship because just got out of one and the truth was that she is still a little angry with her ex, I had no issue with that.

After a while we said goodbye and the night ended.

NSFW: yes

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