In a rush with a FB

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NSFW: yes

We got through the door, and he wasted no time as he knew I had to get back home to the babysitter.

His cock was out and I was forced to my knees easily, hungrily to take him into my mouth. He held my head by the hair with one hand as his thrusted into my mouth aggressively, chocking me, telling me what a whore I was.

He pulled out, his cock covered in my saliva, to let me breathe, pulling up my top and bra, aggressively in one swoop removing both to get me completely topless. He grabbed my boobs hard, pulling on my nipples before giving them a hard slap.

He got out of his own clothes before ushering me to his room, my top still on the floor in the main hall. As soon as I was in his room, I was on the bed and he yanked off the rest of my clothes to strip me naked. He liked what he saw and mounted me, biting my neck as his hands moved down my body, opening my legs so he could feel my soaking wet pussy!

I was begging him to fuck me at this stage, but he was teasing, kissing and biting my body, while rubbing my clit. I was moaning loudly as he grabbed my boob again for a big slap, then forcing me onto my hands and knees. He put these fingers into my pussy, fingering me hard while arching my back by pulling my hair. The dam opened and I squirted over his fingers hard as I reached my first orgasm.

He laughed as his called me a dirty slut, slapping my arse hard as he rammed his cock inside me at last. He didn’t care my body was spent and recovering, he wanted to fuck me as hard as he could. He gripped my arse, pulling it back on his dick hard as his balls slapped my wetness. I quickly squirted again due to the aggression in which he was fucking me! I was spent.

I was so soaked, as much as he tried, he could stay in me. Frustrated, he grabbed my hair again, reaching down my front to grab a boob. He squeezed hard, pulling up so I was on my knees, my bum resting just over my heels as he rubbed my arsehole with his cock… he gripped me tighter as he guided himself up my arse. I screamed louder as my arse accommodated him as he filled me up!

He grunted slutty saying at me as he gripped parts of my body and give more force to his thrusts. I felt helpless as he pounded my arse with similar intensity I had my pussy. My legs buckled with him still in my arse and he laughed as he pushed me into the bed. His aggression getting more extreme as his grabbed my shoulders and bit down albeit lightly.

After a few more hard thrusts, he got me on my back, opened my legs and told me he was gonna fill me up. He went in hard, I moaned again as I dug my nails into his back. My legs were lifeless as he pounded me harder and harder. He reached round to grip my arse with one hand, holding it tighter as he buried himself into me deeply.

His breath got quicker as I could feel myself ready to squirt again. The intensity was incredible. He started grabbing at my face and body roughy as I could feel he was close. Just as I told him I was on the verge of squirting again, he moaned and grunted loudly, gripping my boobs hard as his balls exploded deep inside my pussy. I squirted again, but he help unloading into me, mixing our cum.

When he has finally finished, after pumping his last cum inside me. He rolled off me, I lay there for a few minutes before getting up, getting my clothes and going home…

We are good friends, and only friends, not dating, no relationship; but we are incredible lovers.

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