Impossible Chemistry [M47/F33],[Adultery] – Short Sex Story

No, not thermodynamics or intermolecular forces though I’m guessing there’s a sub for that, and I wouldn’t have a clue there, either.

An old friend of mine was throwing a surprise birthday party for his wife of 15 years at a pretty fancy bar/restaurant about an hour away from home. I don’t get out much, and I hadn’t seen them in a while so I wondered it would be a nice break from my typical routine. You know that routine, maybe too well. Get up, get the family up, make breakfast, hear the panic over lost socks and schoolwork, clean up, go to work, come home, make dinner, clean up again, help with homework, a little tv (maybe), crash and sleep intermittently at best. Sound familiar? Day after day, week after week, month after month. You with me? Okay, great.

When the day of the party arrives, I end up going alone because the wife wasn’t feeling well – which was 100% what I expected to happen (long story I won’t bore you with). Since I was on my own and it was gorgeous out, I ended up hopping on my motorcycle. A nice ride adds a little excitement to the day and helps me unwind. Honestly, I was pretty tempted to just keep going, skip the party and discover somewhere quiet to just…be. But I wondered that’d be rude, so I planned to stay for about an hour then take the long way home.

The restaurant was one of those with really high ceilings, dim lighting and dark wood everything. They only serve beer from some local microbrewery…you know the sort of place. I walked in to the sound of background chatter, glasses clinking together and a stack of well dressed doctor and lawyer types congregating in numerous open areas around the bar. I clearly didn’t fit in, but that, too was 100% expected. Why? Well, I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy, beat up boots and don’t really care if my belt matches as long as it keeps my pants up. By the way, I’m sure some reader out there, if there are any, may be wondering what I look like now. The answer may be disappointing. I’m normal. Middle-aged guy (let’s call it mid to late 40s), salt and pepper hair (a little scruffy because I cannot stand shaving every day), darkish skin, hazel eyes, average create, average height. And now let’s get back to the party.

I made my way through the crowd and chatted with my friend and his wife for a bit, wishing her a happy birthday and giving her the little gift, I picked up. Since they both earn more in 1 year than I do in 10, I had to go with a novelty gift, one of those plastic dinosaur taco / nacho holder sets. They got a kick out of it and I wondered, well, time to hit the road.

That’s when she walked in. There were some other women with her – apparently, they all worked together, but she was all I really saw. The background chatter fell silent and for a second all I could hear was my heart pounding just above my own breathing.

She looked like some insanely talented artist got into my brain to see what I’d consider the perfect physical specimen, then painted her right in front of me. I could barely lift my eyes from the floor when she got closer to greet my friend’s wife with a little hug. But I managed to get my composure when she extended a hand to introduce herself. She was fairly tall, tanned skin, long wavy brown hair and greenish/grayish eyes. Her body was, well… she clearly worked out and took care of herself. And I later learned that despite looking like she was in her mid 20’s she had just celebrated her 33rd birthday. She wore a form fitting sleeveless black dress that was just long enough to reach the middle of her thighs. And I don’t usually notice shoes, but she wore these incredibly sexy high heel strappy boot things.

I made a conscious effort to observe and burn every detail into my long-term memory so I could enjoy that vision for years to come. As we shook hands, I cannot explain what I felt. Something just shifted. I knew she was WAY too hot to think I’d ever try to talk to her in any meaningful way, so, I guess I just wondered FUCK IT. I looked dead into her eyes and didn’t say a word. She didn’t look away; I didn’t look away. It was intense, to say the least. I somehow matched her confidence because the chemistry was, for me, intense and unstoppable. But we were interrupted by one of her friends handing her a drink, and I was snapped back to reality. “What am I doing?” I wondered “I should get going, this is stupid”

I turned to her and said that it was nice meeting her, but I was gonna take off – and her response was shocking and fun and something I don’t think I’ll ever forget. “No you’re not, we just had a moment and I’m not letting you go yet.” Again, while our eyes were locked.

WHAT? She felt it too? How the fuck is that feasible? Look at HER. Look at ME. WTF? I agreed to stick around and let it play out, but since we both had spouses, and there were people around, we couldn’t make it obvious. So we would mingle with other people, and periodically return to each other near the bar or passing the rest rooms or wherever, exchanged a few comments, talked about whatever, then separated again. She was funny, intelligent, and seriously seemed too good to be real. And in our brief conversations, I learned that her marriage was a bit like mine – it involved no sex, no intimacy, medical issues, mental health issues, etc.

After a couple of drinks I told her what I was thinking. I said that her husband was incredibly lucky and that she really was one of a kind, and even the little scar below her left ear was adorable. She responded immediately “You noticed that? Wow, impressive Mr Sexy. Oh, sorry, that’s what we were calling you – everybody gets a nick name. That girl over there? That’s BRENDA BOOBS and they guy leaning against the bar is DIRTBAG BOB. You’re just MR SEXY. Deal with it.”

“Well, yeah, of course. What ELSE could you nickname me? You really aren’t very creative, but you ARE observant” “Thanks ” she giggled and grabbed my arm “so, what is MY nickname?” “Oh in my head I just call you SIB. Stands for SUCKS IN BED because somebody as absolutely ridiculously hot as you has probably never had to put any effort into it.” She leaned back away from me a little, and half smiled with “fuck you Mr Sexy” I quipped back immediately “Not today, it’s not your day SIB!”

She chuckled again and I excused myself to go outside for a smoke. I didn’t realize at first but she followed me out, and around the side of the building, away from the crowd.
I lit up and took a drag from my cigarette and said “oh, sorry, I hope that the smell doesn’t bother you.” She didn’t say a word, but grabbed the cigarette from my hand and took a drag too.

“I smoked for a long time before…well you know…and I still love the smell.” I watched the smoke slowly escape from between her full lips into the stagnant night air after she spoke, but again, I couldn’t look away from her eyes.

She wasn’t finished though – she continued “but what I like even more is the taste” and with that she pressed her body against mine, put her hand on the back of my head and kissed me…aggressively. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and turned so that her back was against the brick wall. She let out a little moan, and wrapped her right leg around my left calf, pushing her hips into me. I pulled her harder to me, then grabbed a handful of that gorgeous hair of hers and kissed and licked her neck and throat. She pushed me away and said “stay right here Mr Sexy I will be right back.” She disappeared back into the bar and came back out a few minutes later, without even turning her head in my direction. She hopped into her car, and I wondered “well, that was fun but she’s freaked out and leaving. Probably just wanted to see if she still ‘has it'”

Now would I end a story like that? Nope.

She drove around the back of the building to where I was and told me to get in. Before I had the door closed, she was speeding off and said “I told my friends I had to run home real quick to drop off a prescription I forgot I left in the car.” She drove about 5 minutes to some dirt road just off the highway. While she drove I had my hand on her leg, squeezing and tickling the top and inside. Each time my hand touched her skin, she subtly opened her legs just enough that I took notice. She would inhale a little and bit her lips too. Damn. She was RESPONSIVE.

As the car came to a stop, under a tree, next to some pond I could only see because of the full moon, she grabbed my cock through my jeans and started rubbing it. “There’s something about you” she said “I have never done this before but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. And I feel like I can trust you completely, so don’t be a psychopath, okay?”

I lauged a little and replied, as I leaned in to kiss her “no promises, but I haven’t fooled around with anybody in like 7 years so I may have forgotten how things work”

“Only one way to find out she said,” climbing over the center console, straddling me in the passenger seat with those perfect tits in my face. “So far so good”

We kissed and explored each other as much as we could sitting like that, then I just NEEDED more room, so I flung the door open, threw my legs out and stood up with her legs wrapped around my waist. We made you hard while I walked her around to the front of the car and sat her on the hood. I kissed her neck again, put my hands on her chest and felt her nipples hardened through her dress. She pulled one arm out of the sleeve and pulled the top down exposing her chest, which I took into my mouth. Her skin was smooth and soft, and her nipples, small and hard. I could feel her head drop back and her breathing getting more rapid. I stepped back a bit and lowered myself to her legs, which I threw over my shoulders. I kissed and nibbled my way up her thigh, then over to the other, holding her in place by her hips. She squeezed them against my head, then grabbed my hair and dropped them open, inviting me in. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy through her panties. It didn’t take long for me to pull them to the side and take her clit into my mouth. She let out a loud moan and a “fuck yes that’s it” as she pinched her nipples and dug her heels into my back. I could feel her clit getting harder, throbbing against my tongue. I sucked on it harder and flicked at it faster, until her breathing stopped, then I backed off a bit. “Not yet” I mumbled to her “you’ll cum when I’m ready to let you” I said. I have no idea where that came from but damn it felt good.

“Oh you know exactly what you’re doing” she said in a combination moan and laugh. I slid a finger into her hairless pussy, which was soaked, then again took her clit into my mouth. I fingered her slowly at first, letting her feel as much as feasible. She reached down and pulled her skirt up higher, then lifted her hips and started taking her underwear off. I pulled them off, threw them on the hood next to her head, pushed her legs wide open and continued. She was a moaner. Loud one. It was fucking hot, and I was afraid of getting caught, but I could not and would not stop. You know how a womans clit will go from throbbing to like a flexed muscle right when she’s about to cum? Yeah, when that happened, I looked up and waited for her to look at me – when she did I sort of growled “you can cum now” and I took her back in my mouth and pushed two fingers inside her. She came, wildly – like you see on pornhub or whatever – hips bucking, nails in my scalp, back arching…the whole 9 yards. But what was different about her was that when she finished … she didn’t FINISH. It. Kept. Going. I continued eating her pussy, gently just after the orgasm but escalated pretty quickly. I was slamming two fingers into her hard and deep and sucking on her clit and she came the same way again. “HOLY FUCK” she said, after the second one. “That hasn’t happened in like 10 years”

“Well brace yourself then” And I went back down on her. After a few minutes, she came one more time. Pretty sure she drew blood from my scalp and tore some of my hair out, but damn it was amazing.

She sat up, panting, sweaty, hair a mess. Smiling. Laughing. Eyes lit up like she had a flashlight in her skull.

I sat on her bumper between her legs for a minute – just enjoying the moment. Neither of us spoke. She threw a leg over me, slid down the hood, sat next to me and started kissing me again, grabbing my cock through my jeans. “Your turn” she said, standing me up. She pulled my cock out through my fly,and moaned a little as she took me into her mouth. She pulled her other arm through her sleeve to pull her top all the way down looking up at me as she did. Her mouth was soft and warm, and when she used a hand, her grip was firm. She paid attention to how I reacted, feeling what I liked and doing exactly the right things. Her saliva dribbled down the side of her mouth and when she took me all the way in she made a sound I cannot describe. Not a moan, not a gag…just a sound. I don’t know what it was, but fuck did I like it. When I got close to cumming, she pulled her head back and used her hand – slowly… “Not yet” she said “you’ll cum when I’m ready to let you” … and kept stroking me for a bit until I came back down a little. Then she took me into her mouth, all at once again, making that sound again, getting me to the edge again, then … she threw her head back and said “cum on my fucking tits, I need to feel it.”

That was enough to throw me over the edge, and I pumped out more cum than I can remember ever having before. She looked down to watch the cum coming out of my cock, spraying her chest and dripping off her nipples. When I finished, she grabbed her panties off the hood and wiped off, smiling. “Damn that was hot” she said. But we need to get back.

So we got back in the car and drove back – silently, just holding hands. She let me out in the back again, and I made my way to my friend and his wife. “Sorry, had a work call I had to take, but I do need to go soon.”

That’s when she came in, and I had that same feeling I had when I shook her hand the first time. As I left, I said my goodbyes to a few people then whispered to her “I wasn’t finished yet, we’re not done. After all, you need a new nickname and that will take a few more meetings.”

“Fuck yeah” she said “that’s happening, and soon.” She told me to get some messaging app she uses, and what her username was.

…..we’re getting together again next week….

NSFW: yes

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