I’m SUPER into a guy on the smaller side

So I’ve recently met this guy who asked me on a date, I really like him a lot, we are both into tattoos, (I’m a tattooist) the same bands, have tickets booked for the same festivals, same interests. He’s a little older (40) I’m 31, and last night he came to visit me and things got a little steamy.

He is constantly asking for my consent and reassurance which I LOVE, he is mindful of overstepping boundaries. And after about a solid hour of just kissing and stroking one another I got my tits out for him, 40H with one nipple piercing, he tongued and massaged my nipples, held me by the throat, and made me so so wet. He asked if he could taste me which I declined because I wasn’t ready which he respected. But I was SO HORNY.

I asked to feel him and he consented, I noticed he’s on the smaller side, and I’m now worried that I’m not gonna feel good for him. When we get to that stage. I offered to put him in my mouth which he eagerly accepted. I love giving head so much and it was super easy to roll my tongue around and really have some fun doing it. He came in my mouth and we both loved it. I swallowed of course because I’m a good girl and live for the praise LOL.

Anyway, my point being, is there any way that I can, you know, make things tighter so it will feel good for him, I also get so so wet and squirt so sometimes I discover it affects how things feel when with an average person. I don’t want him to think I’m slack and doesn’t enjoy it.

Also, I’m plus size, super curvy, gigantic bum. He’s slim create, so any position recommended?

NSFW: yes

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  1. Actual_Passenger_240

    Trust me, it will feel phenomenal for him, and if he’s self aware he’s going to be having the same thought but reversed, depending if he is self conscious about his size or not

    All and all make sure he knows your fucking loving it, qnd I can guarantee that man’s face and sounds will probably send you into bliss

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