I’m sick, but my boyfriend fucked me anyway.

I’ve (F28) been sick since Thursday, a really rough cold. My boyfriend (M33) and I haven’t had sex for a week and I’ve been going through stuff at work, I really needed him. To be safe and avoid getting him sick too though, we decided we shouldn’t even attempt to have sex.

We made dinner together and I could tell he was horny. Kept grabbing my ass and holding my hand anytime we passed each other. At one point I ruined some of the food on accident and he said we should put me on a punishment system at some point when we can actually play. I was like whyyyy are you torturing me by telling me this. He laughed and said cause that’s what he wants to do right now.

We put on a scary movie and I asked him if he wondered it would be okay if he played with my pussy if I kept my head as far away from him as feasible. He said yes right away. I liked thinking that maybe he wanted to have the memory of his fingers in my slit so he could jerk off to it later.

I pulled off my leggings, but left my winter socks on and scooted my ass into his lap, laying my head down as far away from him as I could. We even situated pillows to be propped up in between our faces. They provided a barrier hopefully for germs, but also for visuals. I couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me.

Quick apart: Sometimes when we do things like this I like to imagine we’re in a different scenario. One of my maybe most taboo fantasies is that he’s a young handsome and horribly corrupt youth pastor convincing me, a naive student from his class, that touching myself is wrong. But if he makes me orgasm then god is okay with it, so we should do it regularly so I’m not tempted to touch myself. I make myself believe that his gentle rubbing of my clit is this brand new pleasure like nothing I’ve ever felt. And it feels so amazing I’ll let myself believe anything. I believe it’s okay that he’s touching me there, that he just needs to satisfy my body so I won’t desecrate it myself.

Back to real life…my boyfriend squeezes my ass, dragging me harder into his lap. He grips at my thighs and rubs over my exposed pussy. He seems relieved to see it again after a week away. And he seems hungry, despite himself. He was the one who ultimately made the decision that we should abstain, so feeling his cock get hard through his sweatpants was gratifying. He rubbed coconut oil on my lips and started slowly rubbing circles on my clit. The pleasure I get from his touch is indescribable. I am honestly so grateful to be a woman. Even with all the political and sociological shit that comes with it, holy fuck I love having a clitoris, I love the madness that possesses me when it’s softly touched.

He finally couldn’t take it anymore and told me to just get on my stomach and put my head over the edge of the ottoman. I did immediately as he said and threw a pillow under my hips so I could angle my dripping hole upwards. He slapped his dick on my asshole, pausing to rub himself around that opening too. He fucks me literally everywhere, but tonight he just wanted to tease me. He finally pressed his head against my pussy and just pulsed it. When he finally pressed into me it’s like I had gotten smaller in the week since I’d had his cock. I could feel the elasticity of my cunt pop as he pushed his full girth into my fucking warm and wet. At that angle it was like he was ribbed, I could feel all of him and he fucking hurt in the sweetest way. I want him to bruise my insides.

My head was hanging off the couch and my curtain of hair around my face was making it hard to breathe. But I fucking loved it. I reached my hand underneath and between my legs to grab his balls and feel the fucking throbbing base of his cock. He’s so fucking big, I’m very very lucky. He told me if I kept squeezing his balls he was gonna cum. I said good and kept playing with them.

Finally I started pulsing on his cock, riding it from the bottom. I could feel my ass cheeks jiggling with my pace and I know he loves watching that. “Fuck I’m going to cum” he growled, the five hottest words I can never get enough of. “Fucking cum in me” I gasped, bending my legs around him to make sure he wouldn’t pull out. Creampies are my absolute favorite thing in this world. I’ve been cum in thousands of times and I still can’t get enough. I wish he would come and discover me on nights when he’s getting himself off, just to dump his final load in my pussy where it belongs. He gripped my ass cheeks so hard it hurt as he pumped his cum into me, groaning in ecstasy. I grinded my pussy into his spurting cock, giving myself the final and best moments of pleasure from his body.

He slowly pulled out, his cock absolutely dripping. I got up quickly to avoid getting cum on the couch and because I wanted to go watch it slide out of me. Then he hopped in the shower annnnnnd I went and got the dildo replica of his cock to keep it going on myself.

Not a bad night for being sick. Sometimes those limitations are what makes it the most fun.

NSFW: yes

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