I’m (F24) having an affair with my boss’s husband, and I’m loving it!!


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Weirdly enough it’s not my first affair with an older man. I swore I won’t do it again. Not because I feel guilty. Again, weirdly enough I don’t. It’s the fact, i almost, emphasis on the almost, fall in love with them, even though I know they don’t/won’t love me back. It’s the weird moment a few seconds before they finish, that you look in their eyes and and you almost think they love you, but when it’s all done you know that it’s just cause they’re with a younger woman and you’re probably treating them better than their wife. Ah God that moment. Anyways, this man is a gentleman. He’s very polite, extremely good at his job. And a really loving husband and a father. I honestly don’t know how or what made him do this, but thank God he did, cause he’s amazing in bed…..or my office’s or my cars equivalent of a bed. He could be both really harsh and really loving at the same time. The way he holds me, even just the way he speaks to me just pushes me over the edge. And his wife, my boss is a really nice woman, which makes this whole this a little dirty, but God that man! I kinda went through a similar this twice before and luckily for me they haven’t ended disastrously. No one knew about it when it ended and there was no drama, but this is a great job and I don’t want to mess it up, but I’m addicted to that man. The way he treats me, they way he looks at me. I almost wish he would fall in love with me, cause I almost am

NSFW: yes

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